Painkillers No Longer Killing The Pain?

Opiates (narcotic painkillers) were never meant to be used for more than 3 days max!  They should never never never continue past those 3 days or addiction begins.  For emergency situations, they help get post-op patients through the trauma of major surgery; however, they are not without great risk.  They may also be useful for those suffering an agonizing, painful impending death.  For chronic pain, they are a NO GO!!!!!!!!!

So why do doctors prescribe Opiate painkillers for weeks… months… years?  Below are just a few of the main reasons.

  • The moment of true addiction begins at the two week point for those who have never taken Opiate painkillers. For those who have been addicted before, repeat addiction is immediate with the first pill they take. Laws deem that patients who take addictive pain medications, must be given a limited amount of Opiates per month, thereby causing the need for required monthly office visits in order to receive a new prescription for another month. Monthly office visits to your doctor brings in the BIG BUCKS for him/her.  It’s easy money without doing anything but keeping their office open while using a pen and prescription pad to write you your drugs.  Just think about it… a $200 office visit per 20 patients a day is $4000 of revenue per day for which they do no work at all!  At the end of a 5 day week, it’s $20,000!  Most have far more than just 20 patients a day on Opiates.
  • Addicted patients demand these nasty life threatening ‘medications’.  Their body is so addicted that it screams for more. Most doctors will submit and give in to the demand so that they don’t lose that monthly check. Rx drug addicts will not take ‘no’ for an answer… their bodies won’t allow them to.  If they don’t get it from one doctor, they will quickly move on to the next.  Quality of care isn’t a thought in the mind of an addict.  Whoever will write the prescription for their pills will be the doctor they choose.
  • Pain is big business these days and very competitive.  Just like a clothing boutique must keep up with the latest fashions, so must doctors keep up with the latest trends in medications.  Medicine is business – not a healing art any longer.
  • It is considered unethical practice for a family doctor (internist, GP, family practitioner, etc) to prescribe Opiates for more than 3 days.  After those 3 days, they are supposed to refer them to a pain specialist (physiatrist – physical and rehabilitation specialist). By the way, that happens to be true of psych medications as well; they are supposed to be referred to a psychiatrist.  Not all doctors are trained for all specialties.  In today’s times, there is a specialist for every part of your body. Don’t ever assume that an MD after a name means that they are trained and knowledgeable in all areas of medicine.  Addiction is a very specialized field. If you’re given addictive drugs, it shouldn’t be by your ‘regular’ doctor.  Bottom line is that doctors don’t refer because referring means losing those big bucks.

How do we STOP the Madness?

There is basically only one way to stop the spread of addiction and death by doctors (Iatrogenic Addiction & Iatrogenic Death).  This is by bringing AWARENESS to you about what these dangerous medications can do to your life… including ending it prematurely.

Awareness creates understanding.  Understanding creates change.

For today, if you’re taking dangerous Opiates, find a board certified addiction specialist who will detox you in a detox facility or hospital.  If you’re not taking dangerous Opiates… don’t start.  There are alternative methods to handling pain.


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