This is Your Warning: Health Care Workers Forced To Take Vaccines or Get Fired – General Population Next?

In a recent video uploaded to Facebook, Lauren Atkinson issues a dire warning to Americans, get vaccinated or get fired.

Lauren states that health care workers are the guinea pigs in a larger scheme, vaccinating the whole of America. The video has rapidly gone viral on social media, and rightly so.

Lauren describes within the video of two types of flu shots being administered, and they are FLUBLOCK and FLUAD.

Lauren also states that there is no such thing as a safe flu vaccine, all while describing that they do not work, and cannot operate because the influenza virus is “sloppy.”

Lauren is right; there is a scheme ongoing that entails the government of the United States vaccinating every single person in America, starting with both children and health care workers.

What say you reader, is the general population next?

Go ahead… click, read and weep the facts – direct from Big Pharma – about flublock and fluad.

You can view the video HERE.

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