Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco, Lortabs)

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Hydrocodone, also known as Vicodin, Norco and Lortabs (to name just a few), is prescribed for pain relief – chronic and acute. It is a synthetic Opium combined with acetaminophen (the chemical compound that makes up Tylenol and other similar drugs). Unethical doctors will prescribe them for more than the 3 permitted days because they cause an addiction after approximately 2 weeks of regular use. One of the main reasons for addiction is the euphoria that this drug creates… a eurphoria hard to get away from once you experience it. I use the term ‘unethical’ for the doctors who prescribe these for more than 3 days because they do so in order to fund their bank accounts. Prescribing these will, by law, cause patients to return every month for renewals. It’s a cushy way to make money. When you die from an accidental overdose, there will be 3 more patients to take your place. When doctors are now the #1 cause of accidental death in the US, they know that there will always be a supply of prescription drug addicts to replace you once you’re buried. Sounds cold? It is! Tell it to your doctor.
The unwritten code of ethics is for physicians (and other prescribers) is to offer Hydrocodone for no longer than 3 days. After those 3 days, a medication that is non-addictive should be given in order to prevent an addiction. Hydrocodone will ultimately take your life. You don’t have to increase your dose for it to do it’s evil. All you have to do is keep taking the dose – as prescribed. It will ultimately cause anxiety, lethargy, drowsiness, inability to concentrate, mood swings, preoccupation with having enough on hand, loss of motivation, appetite increase or decrease, inability to handle pressure, depression, loss of interest, loss of sexual functioning, stroke, heart attack, seizures and death. This is only to name a few. It also has a devastating effect on the immune system. It will suppress the activity of natural killer cells that fight cellular toxins, it enhances the growth of tumors, triggers spleen atrophy, decreases levels of interferon (the protein that is produced by cells to fight viruses), decreases helpful T-Lymphocyte numbers, Decreases T-cell function, and inhibits B-cell activity… to name a few. Hydrocodone predisposes the body to illness and infection and will inhibit recovery from surgery and sickness. If you have been diagnosed with any immune disorder, Opiates are the worst drug you can take and your doctor knows this. It will just make you sicker and the doctor will have you in his/her office more often and for more sicknesses and diseases. Don’t kid yourself, it’s all about money!
To recover from Opiate addiction, you need to want it more than you want to breathe. It’s possible; however, in my opinion, it’s possible only with Jesus Christ in your life. Without Him, it will be a lifetime struggle. With Him, it’s a brief and temporary struggle, in exchange for a lifetime of complete freedom. Make no mistake about it, addiction is NOT a disease. Disease theorists are only telling you that in order to fund expensive treatment (rehabs and detox centers, Big Pharma and ongoing addiction – creating a wealth of venues for making money. When the human mind is told it has a disease, it will act accordingly. If the human mind is told it’s just an addiction that can be healed completely, the human mind will completely heal. Add Jesus to the mix, it’s a done deal!
Please note that my focus here is on Rx drug addiction; however, the solution by God’s intervention, is true for any addiction.