Tranquilizers, Benzos & Anxiety, Oh My!

If you are taking Benzos for more than 3 days, you are headed down a very dark, dismal, and lonely road to suffering and death. Benzos will bite back after a while. They will either do the opposite to what they were originally intended for… stop working and cause you to increase the dose to try and  give you the same effect… become engorged in your organs and cause mass organ destruction… produce more anxiety, pain and fear than before you started them… and ultimately, withdrawal which has it’s own set of grave dangers.

What are Benzos? Well, there are many brand and generic names; however, for my purpose here, I’ll name just a few common ones. A few Benzos are: Xanax (Alprazolam), Librium (Chlordiazepoxide), Klonopin (Clonazepam), and Ativan (Lorazepam). The tendencies by doctors are to prescribe them to women far more than men due to their predisposition of considering women weak. Sad, huh? Well, most doctors are not the sharpest tacks in the tool box!

What are the risks? If you don’t want to know the risks and quit reading here, you’re probably addicted and have closed your eyes and ears to learning about what even one pill a day can do to you. As a matter of fact, Benzos will probably kill you way before anything else does. Here’s the down and dirty.

What happens with Benzo use & abuse?     

  • they carry a high risk of accidental overdose
  • they slow your breathing until you just don’t breathe anymore
  • they slow your heart rate which as it’s own set of problems
  • they cause you to ultimately want or need to take more than the doctor prescribed because their effect decreases with the length of time you take them
  • they will dumb you down to not caring about their effects on your mind and body
  • they cause long and short term memory loss
  • they are VERY and insidiously addictive

***If you take Suboxone or Methadone along with these little bad boys, you’ve now created a lethal cocktail, risking cardiac and respiratory arrest. You may as well plan your funeral now because you’re headed in that direction. You ARE committing suicide… a slow suicide… but suicide no matter how you choose to view it.  Many of you may be getting Suboxone or Methadone illegally and not realize their effect with Benzos.

Over 30% of accidental prescription drug overdoses occur due to Benzo use. You’re more likely to use, seek, or wonder about other drugs as well. If you’re taking Opiates along with Benzos, you’re headed toward certain drug overdose – even if you take them ‘as prescribed’. Unintentional prescription drug overdose is now the #1 cause of preventable accidental death here in the US.

If you’re addicted, none of this will scare you; you won’t let it. If it doesn’t scare you, please get help to detox today. Laws are changing anyway and you won’t be able to get them anymore on an ongoing basis unless you agree to see a psychiatrist on a monthly basis. Even with that, your Benzo affair will not last long.   Whatever you do, do NOT NOT NOT stop them on your own. You are going to need professional medical monitored detox in an in-patient facility or as an out-patient. If you try this on your own, you are more likely than not to have seizures, a heart attack, stroke, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest and, of course, death. Withdrawal is a LIFE THREATENING event, so don’t take it lightly.

Trouble comes with symptoms such as: muscle aches and pains, agitation, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, increased or decreased heart rate, sweating, chills, headache, insomnia, impaired judgement, memory loss, shaking, restlessness, restless leg syndrome, delusions, hallucinations, occasional disorientation, blue discoloration of your lips or nail beds, strange symptoms that your doctor can’t diagnose, seizures, suicidal or homicidal ideations, coma… then death.

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