Are Americans Giving Doctors Too Much Power & Authority?

Doctors & Medical Care are now the #1 Cause of (Preventable) Accidental Death here in the USA.  This exceeds ALL other types of accidental death including motor vehicle accidents.  I have my definite views as you can see from my blogs and websites; however, what do YOU think?

  • Are you allowing doctors to make decisions for you without a full explanation?
  • Is your doctor setting aside ample time to talk with you about his/her decision about your treatment plan, medication (whether the risk outweighs the benefit), surgical plan, etc?
  • Is your doctor insisting upon a second opinion… one of YOUR choice?
  • Are you ending up in your doctors’ office once a month without knowing why?
  • Have you been clearly advised about side effects of medications you are being placed on?
  • Are you being given a relaxed  question/answer period following your visit with your doctor – without your doctor looking at his/her watch or clock on the wall?
  • Is your doctor encouraging you to go home and do your own research about your treatment?
  • Does your doctor personally call you back and calmly speak with you when you call their office about an important issue or do you receive an answer from a staff member instead?
  • If surgery is planned, are you being given ALL options in a relaxed conversational experience?
  • Are you finding that you go to see your doctor and he/she just listens to your heart and lungs and then just writes your prescriptions… in a total of 5 minutes after waiting 2 hours to see him/her?
  • As you perceive inappropriateness, has your doctor been inappropriate with you at any time?
  • Has your primary doctor prescribed Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Antidepressants, Hypnotics, Stimulants or Antipsychotics for a period longer than 3 days without referring you to a specialist?
  • Are you addicted to your prescription drugs and your doctor is paying no attention to your addiction?
  • Should doctors be held criminally accountable in a court of law for addicting and killing their patients?
  • If you are questioning your medical care, why are you still with the same doctor?

If you need help with evaluating whether or not your doctor is of the classification of DANGEROUS, please contact me below.  NO ONE should ever allow anyone… especially a doctor… take control of their life, body and mind.  The only control you should be YOU and GOD!


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