Does This Sound Like You?

Today, I want to have a super serious talk with you.

You have chronic pain.  You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and in pain all the time.  You want a quick fix and natural remedies seem just to hard to research.  So, you made an appointment with your doctor.  After your visit, you came home with a prescription.  Maybe it was Hydrocodone, Percocet, Fentanyl, Oxycontin, Norco, Vicodin, Codeine, Morphine, Methadone, or another prescription branded or generic painkiller that is of the class of Opiates.  You waited at the pharmacy for too long for a prescription that may or may not help.  In any case, you waited… and waited… and waited. The moment finally came when the pharm tech looked at you and said, “your prescription is ready”.

You drove home and had a bite to eat. You figured you should put a little food in your tummy before taking your new pills.  You stressed a bit over how they would affect your stomach, but never considered what they could do to your mind or the rest of your vital organs.  After coffee, you swallowed that little pill.  Then, after around 20 minutes, WOW!!!  You felt that warm, indescribable, pleasurable feeling of your mind swimmingly relaxing.  It was a rush like no other.  You were no longer a citizen of earth.  You were now ethereal.  You had transcended to what seemed like another place and time.  It was wonderful… or so it seemed. You may even have thought it was better than sex!  You are now untouchable. Nothing can hurt you.  No one could ever annoy you.  Your problems melted away. Memories were left behind. Nothing else mattered. All power rested in one little pill that could change the life you once had known to a far greater state of existence.

The prescription initially said to take 1-2 as needed, not to exceed 6 per day. BUT… after a few months… maybe a year, that wasn’t doing it anymore.  That amazing one of a kind ‘feeling’ was leaving.  There was no leaving the planet any longer unless you waited a few extra hours for your next dose; however, you couldn’t usually wait those extra hours for that high because you began to get sick.  You now were starting to feel very anxious… agitated… uncomfortable when you didn’t take your pills every 4 hours.  You couldn’t do the 6 hour thing any longer;  that was way too long.  You just couldn’t wait for your next monthly doctor’s appointment, so you called and scheduled a sooner visit.  You told your doc that these pills had once helped but now they really don’t any longer; what could you do?  So, your physician either increased your dose or added another pill to your pain medication regime. Next visit it’s another pill… then another… a higher dose… a muscle relaxant… an antidepressant because now you are depressed… some Xanax or Ativan because the anxiety you now have is unbearable… an additional antidepressant… an anti-psychotic because now you’re have delusions.. and on and on and on. The doc may say, “I think you may need to see a psychiatrist because your chronic pain is causing emotional issues”.  He never once told you it’s the pills.  Why should he?  After all, it’s ongoing visits with you that he bills your insurance for.  You’re a steady ‘customer’ now and he couldn’t give that up.  But, you don’t think of it that way because you trust him.  After all, he’s the doctor; he would never hurt me.  He took an oath to “do no harm”!!!


You’ve stopped feeling good from those pills.  You’re chasing the high that you can’t seem to get back.  Where did that feeling go?  You take them because if you don’t, you feel the horrors of withdrawal.  You now find yourself counting them to make sure you have enough just in case.  Someone may be warning you that maybe you need to find a way to quit taking these; however, that ‘someone’ is now your enemy because you’re determined that no one will take those pills away from you.  You threaten  your wife or husband to shut up about quitting or you’ll leave. Your #1, #2 and #3 priorities in life are now to go to the doctor, get to the pharmacy in any and all weather, take the pills and count the pills everyday… maybe more than once a day. You’re missing days at work.  You can’t seem to drum up the energy to go anywhere with your spouse, kids or friends.  You’re sleeping longer and more often.  You call it napping… not a potential impending overdose.  You’re starting to shut everyone and everything out.  You are becoming confused… eating more or eating less… feeling more anxious… getting more depressed… having heartburn… constipation can’t be resolved no matter what… you’re confused… food doesn’t taste the same… you’re starting to have a rapid heartbeat with palpitations… concentrating on anything is a thing of the past… maybe a little urinary incontinence is going on… you’re irritable and angry… etc, etc, etc.  It can’t be the pills, you say to yourself. So, you make a doctor’s appointment with new problems and even the doctor is confused so he sends you for tests to see what’s wrong because he won’t admit it’s those pills either.  You feel validated because it can’t be the pills if the doctor doesn’t think it is.  Life becomes a vicious cycle of doctor visits… more pills… more problems.  Is this YOU?  If it is, let’s have an honest and safe talk about what’s going on with you. It won’t cost you anything and I’ll spend an hour with you on the phone or Skype.  Email me below.  You just may have reached the point when there may be no tomorrow. What are you waiting for?  It’s only going to get far worse.  Ultimately you can suffer seizures, heart attack, stroke, coma and death by accidental overdose. Rx drug addiction is generally an accidental addiction and happens at any age and to men and women alike.  Most are hard working focus driven people. Please don’t wait.