VRM Replacement Methodology Heals Addiction for Life!

A Question:  Do you really think you’re on the road to recovery when greed infused disease theorists (ie: 12 Steppers) tell you that you will never recover?

Do you really think you’re truly ‘in recovery’ when the Steppers tell you that you’ll never fully recover?  Isn’t that a bold faced LIE?  Lies lead to futility… futility leads to frustration… frustration lead to anxiety and stress… stress lead to a crippling mindset that says, ‘what the heck!  A what the heck attitude will bring you full circle back into using drugs or alcohol. After all, you feel if you are set up to ‘relapse’, why bother stopping at all?

what-3By Einstein’s definition of insanity, doesn’t the extremely high failure rate of the 12 steps speak volumes as to that being the thing to avoid? The success(?) rate of AA lingers between 1% to 3%. Hmmmm… a 5% success rate is among those who do absolutely nothing! What does that say? This covered up dirty little secret of AA, coupled with the countless people going in circles through the revolving doors of the 12 step model rehabs, is the very epitome of the ‘god’ of greed! Going through a contrived recovery – ‘one day at a time’ –  isn’t freedom… it’s another bondage. The process of Recovery should lead to being Recovered at some point, or why call it ‘recovery’? It sounds good though, doesn’t it? Basically, it holds nothing but an empty promise. Are you ‘working the steps’ or are the steps working you? At some point, we need to introduce reasoning and logic into the equation. Basically, the current system of recovery is nothing more than a money making empire!  It builds rehabs… produces TV shows… gets support groups funded… sells books… etc.
The disease theorists – doctors, people, groups and institutions – receive massive amounts of funding and fees, only to tell you that you’ll never get better. What else would fuel a scared_png_by_ninetailsfoxchan-d5gu6fsnever-ending ‘program’ where no one ever recovers? Is that really where you want to go?  12 Steppers spin you around in circles as though you’re playing pin the tail on the donkey… hoping they can make you dizzy enough so that you keep falling. Then, as soon as the dizziness subsides, you’re climbing those miserable steps again. Did you know that the co-founders of AA were ongoing addicts themselves? Did they use the disease theory just want to develop an excuse for continuing ongoing substance abuse?

Simply because addiction is difficult to get unchained from doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Yes… it’s a huge challenge; however, it’s one worth taking. You have to want it as much as you want to breath! Some people are heavy sleepers and difficult to awaken in the morning; does that mean they should sleep all day, never work, never go to school and never eat?  It just means they need a nudge or a louder alarm clock. In the case of addiction, the ‘alarm clock’ is suffering and an early and unexpected accidental death.

Success and Victory over addiction begs to ask the question, “what goals, activities, career, self esteem, self improvement, values and belief system would make you happier than getting drunk or high”?  Once we coach you into figuring out some positive attainable goals for yourself, you’re on the road to a destination of total and complete healing! Victory Retreat Montana calls this adventure of self discovery, our VRM Replacement Methodology.  We replace your former addiction with God and the beauty of living a full and productive life.

Don’t believe, even for even a split second, in a recovery that never ends.  What you need is to be discipled… immersed… into the Biblical principles of life in Christ… of transformation by the renewing of your mind. Let me ask you a few pointed questions…

  1. How can you cope with life’s challenges in a more effective way than the self-defeating way than with drugs or alcohol?
  2. Given the circumstances to be able to accomplish what you would love, what are you doing right now?
  3. Jesus Himself has answered a most important prayer that you prayed… what was it?

Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:2

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away;
behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

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