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Just a quick message for all of you today who are enslaved by addiction.  In light of the fact that Jesus will be coming very soon to take His church (His true believers),  it’s time to end your addiction.  I’m speaking frankly now.  Addiction is sin that is a combination of drunkenness and idolatry.  Sin stands between you and God.  When anything is more important to you than Jesus is, it’s time to get rid of it.  Please contact an addictions specialist today or check yourself into detox immediately – directly or through a hospital ER.  There’s no more time to wait or you will be left behind and subject to the tribulation when you will have to lose your life in the most horrific way in order to save your soul. If you want to get into the arc, you must do this and do it now.  When you’ve completed detox and are ready to completely recover, contact us below.