You MUST Eat ONLY ORGANIC- Glyphosate Residues Discovered In Almond Milk, Bread And Veggie Burgers

It’s not rocket science, people.   There is enough awareness out there so that no one should be eating or drinking anything that isn’t organic and non-gmo; however, foods and drinks that are sugary, processed (prepared foods), and high in bad carbs (breads, pasta, rice) are notorious for causing food addiction.  NO ONE should be consuming artificial sweeteners, diet soda or any soda at all.  This type of addiction will lead to cancer, heart disease, obesity, depression, immune disorders and much, much more.  It’s no wonder that these diseases are killing hundreds of thousands each year. Is it that difficult to change your eating habits?  Please don’t tell me about the cost!  When you’re eating less that is higher in healthy proteins and fats, you’ll be full.  You CAN get help for food addiction.

New laboratory testing commissioned by Moms Across America has shown the presence of the world’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – in almond milk, vegetarian burgers, bread and Skippy’s “100% Natural” peanut butter and Lipton’s “100% Natural” Mint and Green tea.

The new round of testing follows on from similar testing commissioned by Moms Across America on popular U.S. orange juice brands in 2017, which showed levels of between 4.3 ppb and 26.05 ppb of glyphosate in brands such as Tropicana and Minute Maid.

The new batch testing results showed that conventional almond milk contained glyphosate at a level of 0.87 ppb and certified organic almond milk contained 0.07 ppb. The batch bread testing showed a range of glyphosate residues from 6.47 ppb to 140 ppb. Conventional veggie burgers batch testing revealed 52.20 ppb of glyphosate. Certified organic veggie burgers contained 3.27 ppb.

“100% Natural” Skippy peanut butter was found to contain 11.71 ppb of glyphosate residue and “100% Natural” Lipton Tea was found to contain 108.90 ppb and Lipton’s “100% Natural” Green Tea contained 208.29 ppb.

In November Moms Across America, led by Founder Zen Honeycutt, announced a nationwide campaign to ban glyphosate herbicides in all fifty states in the U.S.

All 50 state governors are being petitioned by moms and supporters through and local state residents from each state are launching a mail-in campaign today requesting meetings with their governors.

Honeycutt stated, “Now is the time. Our country is in an unaffordable and tragic public health crisis. Toxic chemicals have been shown to contribute to or cause many of these health issues, especially for our children.  It’s time for our states to take actions that our EPA is not willing to take. They can, must and we believe, will protect our citizens from irreparable harm. It’s just a matter of which state will be the first to ban glyphosate?”

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4 thoughts on “You MUST Eat ONLY ORGANIC- Glyphosate Residues Discovered In Almond Milk, Bread And Veggie Burgers

  1. There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding organic and non-gmo foods. If there is a Certified Organic label on a food product, you know that you’re safe from insecticides as well as gmo’s. Your son’s allergies, as are many children’s allergies, are almost always due to pesticides and gmo’s. Costco happens to have excellent organic unsweetened almond milk. I know, because I buy it all the time and is the only source of milk in our household. There are other brands as well. Look always for the green label that will say, “certified organic”. Here’s one article that may help you out:
    You don’t have to worry about ‘amounts’ if you stick with organic. Just be careful with companies that say they are organic but have no certifications. Our family’s healthy improved so so so much once we ended our dance with gmo’s and non-organic. From my own research, all disease and sickness (including allergies) stem from foods that are not organic and have gmo’s.


  2. There is nothing here to explain what these amounts mean and what the legal or healthy range is. My son can only drink almond milk (allergic to coconut and dairy) but I can’t tel if the organic almond milk is even safe to drink or is that a minute amount?


  3. Although I can appreciate your comment, there is no middle of the road – in my personal opinion. You either do it right or don’t do it at all. It is the combined effort of all healthy habits that yields good health and wellness.


  4. I like your idea about organic only consumption, but don’t you think we should find a middle ground between the healthiness of organic and the efficiency of traditional? While possible that it is healthier, organic yield is quite low, and global organic farming would require much more farmland and consequently much more environmental damage.



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