My heartfelt prayer is that, in a perfect world, doctors who vaccinate children should be imprisoned for attempted murder or murder.  Why isn’t this so?  It’s because it’s far from a perfect world.  It’s a GREEDY world and there’s few that we can trust.  I will NEVER trust doctors or Big Pharma!  Do you?

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“The doctor never told me vaccines could kill my baby. He said they were safe.” A mother’s anguish as her two-month old dies after 8 vaccine doses.

On May 29, 2015, Christy Day’s life changed forever. Her beautiful, healthy two-month old baby was dead, just nine days after receiving 8 different vaccines at his two-month baby visit.

More Vaccines, More Infant Deaths?

Born completely healthy, two-month-old Reid Thomas Day-Englehart was vaccinated on May 20, 2015 with eight vaccine doses, including DTaP (three vaccines in one shot), Hib, polio, pneumococcal, hepatitis B and the oral rotavirus vaccine. This is the routine vaccine schedule given to two month-old babies, even premature babies, in the United States, which has the most infant vaccines of any developed country.

Some experts claim the more vaccines on the schedule the higher the infant death rate. The US has one of the highest infant death rates as well as the highest first-day death rate in the developed world. The US is the only country that gives both the Hepatitis B vaccine and the Vitamin K shot to babies on their first day of life, while still at the hospital. 

Reid Dies Nine Days After Vaccines

This was not Christy’s first child. She vaccinated her previous three children and although they have some manifestation of vaccine damage, they never stopped breathing after them. The difference could lie in the fact that baby Reid was sick at the time of his doctor’s appointment. Vaccine inserts used to advise against vaccinating if a child was ill, but as the vaccine market grows, this was removed from inserts.

“Reid was still wheezing from a previous infection and still had a residual cough, but his doctor insisted it was fine to vaccinate him,” explains Christy, Reid’s mother.

Nine days later, without a struggle and without any obstruction of his airways, baby Reid stopped breathing while asleep on his father’s chest. He passed away May 29, 2015.

When Reid was found, there was a bloody-colored mucus on his father’s shirt where Reid’s head rested on his chest. This blood-like mucus is very common in infant deaths, and it proves that there wasn’t obstruction in the airway. More came out of Reid’s mouth when his mother performed CPR.

An investigation was done and Reid’s death was ruled accidental. The immediate cause listed on his autopsy report and death certificate was due to “possible suffocation,” without any signs or proof he suffocated or airways were obstructed.

Parents Cannot Sue Vaccine Makers

It’s little known that vaccines are one of the ONLY federally protected products — meaning those injured or killed by vaccines CANNOT sue vaccine makers for misconduct or injuries resulting from vaccines. This is because, as the Supreme Court has ruled, vaccines are “UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE.”

A claim has been filed with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) on principle, but almost 2/3 of filed cases are thrown out because the government fights tooth and nail to NOT recognize vaccines as a cause of death.

After Reid’s death, Christy contacted the doctor’s office and requested that a Vaccine Adverse Events Report (VAERS) be filed as per the law. Even though this request was documented in Reid’s medical files, the doctor has yet to file a report. The doctor also continues to deny any possible link between the vaccines and Reid’s sudden death, even though sleep apnea (when a person suddenly stops breathing in their sleep) is reported as a potential adverse event following vaccines.

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The day that changed it all

Christy recalls the day she brought Reid in for his 2-month shots. “It was May 20, 2015 and Reid’s father, Dusty, took him to get his vaccines. When they came home from the doctor, Reid was passed out and slept 11 hours straight, which was not normal,” she explains. “When he woke up, he was very cranky. He would not let you put him down and screamed often. He was drinking full bottles before the shots, but after he stopped eating normally — in fact, he never took a full bottle again. He never smiled or laughed again either.”

“Being my fourth child, I know that kids can act funny and get a fever that the doctors tell you can happen after the shots. But it was so abnormal for Reid to scream and refuse to eat, so we called the doctor and, of course, they said he was “fine.” We know now he wasn’t fine at all. In fact, we even knew it then, but they wouldn’t listen.”

In a mother’s words

As Christy continues to tell Reid’s story, you can hear the love and the pain in her voice. “Baby Reid hit milestones just as he was supposed to, even surpassing them. He could hold his head up right after he was born and began smiling and laughing around four weeks. He had the cutest little crooked smile that I have ever seen.”

And then, the morning of May 29, 2015 that changed their lives forever. “I remember waking up around 7am and checking on all my babies. Everyone was asleep, except my oldest son Aiden. I checked on baby Reid and he was still breathing and sleeping peacefully on daddy’s chest with his mouth slightly open. It was a touching sight, nothing dangerous at all,” she explains. “I have slept with my babies on my chest when they are having a hard time sleeping too. A lot of families do, in fact co-sleeping is the most common way to sleep throughout the world.”

“About 15 minutes later, my son Aiden and I were going to grab breakfast and I had him go in and ask Dusty if he wanted anything. I will never forget the terror on his face when he came running out of the house with Dusty following, screaming,”There’s something wrong with Reid!” That moment changed my world forever.” 

After 911 was called, Christy did all she could to revive baby Reid, including CPR, watching as her baby’s chest rose and fell with her breath. His airways were not obstructed. Christy explains: “I did everything I could to bring him back. I knew he hadn’t been gone long because I had just checked on him and he was alive. From that moment on, I feel like I have been in complete shock.”

The painful aftermath

Within days, the police called Dusty, Reid’s father, and told him they would rule it “possible suffocation” due to co-sleeping. “I know that wasn’t the cause. I know Reid would’ve fought to breath. Dusty would’ve felt him struggle or kick — Reid was very strong already and could hold his head up for many weeks already,” explains Christy. “I have since found out that the doctors and coroners will do anything they can to NOT blame the vaccines.”

After that day, the family was in utter shock and clearly devastated. “The funeral was a blur, I couldn’t even tell you who was there. All I remember is seeing his little lifeless body in the casket. I constantly see the image of his sweet little hands folded together in my head. All I could think was how fake it seemed, his hands were never still like that, he was always moving, always active,” says Christy.

As she grieved, she reached out to others with similar stories online for support. She was shocked to find that literally thousands of other grieving mothers has very similar stories — their babies died right after vaccines too. She began to realize that it is not nearly as rare as they say — and that other doctors refuse to acknowledge the dangers as well.

“I was that pushy pro-vaccine supporter who shamed mothers for not vaccinating. I thought I was protecting my kids,” admits Christy. “It’s crazy, you never think something like this can happen to your family…until it does. And then when you research it, you realize it happens EVERY DAY to families around the US.”

“I miss him so much. This pain will never go away.”

The pain is still fresh for Cristy, as if it happened yesterday. “I think about him all day, every day and my heart hurts. I visit his grave and all I can think is how unfair it is — vaccines robbed my son of his whole life. And our family of an amazing little boy who was meant to grow up happy and healthy,” Christy says. “As I always say: ‘I have four kids, three have beating hearts and are with me on this earth, and sadly, one that has no beating heart and he lives in heaven as a baby angel waiting for me to join him.”

Christy now funnels her pain and anger into educating others on the REAL risk of death and harm from vaccines. “Raising awareness is now what’s important to me. It’s too late for Reid, but I will do whatever I can to save another baby from the same fate,” explains Christy. “I can at least plant a seed and, hopefully, get at least one mother to do the research before she vaccinates her baby. I would give anything to go back in time and do the research before vaccines killed my baby. Now, I speak out so something good might come out of this tragedy.”


In his all-too-short eleven-week life, baby Reid was loved by all, especially his parents, who are now heartbroken.

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