If You’re Breathing, You Need to Watch This Video. Missing This Means Your Suffering & Death.

An ex-pharmaceutical rep, now turned Naturopath, went Facebook Live last Friday and exposed drug manufacturers as being the primary drivers of illnesses such as auto-immune diseases. She details her own struggles with chronic fatigue syndrome and a number of other issues and how she came to realize that in the pharmaceutical industry, things aren’t always what they seem.

She also discusses how her $400 million training was used to educate doctors on the dangers of the drugs they create.

“Your drugs are killing me, they are literally killing me, and I am going to take responsibility as a pharmaceutical rep and I am going to ask you work with me…I started incorporating nutrition.”

“When you are laying in bed and you are  totally isolated and your own industry are the ones that are killing you, you have this ‘aha’ moment.”

PLEASE Check out the full video.

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