People Taking Antidepressants Are Finding Out They Can’t Quit!

Please read the NY Times article located HERE.

You CAN quit; however, you need to be medically detoxed as an out-patient or in patient – depending on your use and how long you’ve been taking these drugs.  I’ve said it before and I’ll boldly say it again – NO ONE SHOULD BE TAKING THESE DRUGS OUTSIDE OF A PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTION!!!!!!!  NO ONE!  IF YOU NEED THESE DRUGS, YOU NEED TO BE IN A PSYCHIATRIC  HOSPITAL OR MENTAL HEALTH UNIT.  THESE ARE NOT LONG TERM DRUGS.

Jesus Christ came to heal.  He takes away the spirit of depression when you receive Him and you give Him everything you have – including your depression.  Psychiatric medications are madness. Tell you doctor, NO!  Some good quality Christian talk therapy or life coaching is all that’s needed.  You only need to feel loved and to know that you are heard.

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