Do current addiction recovery strategies used in the revolving door rehab system cause addiction to continue rather than to heal?  I believe it to be so.  What’s the point if ‘they’ tell you you’re going to relapse?  Anyway, it’s all based on a theory that addiction is a disease.  We know now that it isn’t a disease; however, the system doesn’t want to let go of that theory because it would involve the loss of mega amounts of money generated to Big Pharma, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors, rehabs, etc.  I guess the ‘world’ has decided money is more important than truth and healing.

Don’t believe the lie that addiction is a disease.  Are you not worth more than that?  You can have a brand new start for a spectacular life.  It’s a choice that you need to make.  We, at Victory Retreat Montana firmly believe that you only need to recover once to be recovered for life!