A Question for People Who Are Currently Owned By Addiction

I have a question for you today…  one that you need to search your heart and soul for.  I’m asking those of you who enslaved by prescription drug addiction, illegal drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, shopping addiction, food addiction, and others.  What’s the inescapable purple elephant in the room for you right now?

Once you ID the purple elephant, ask yourself – one by one – these questions, and answer them.

  • How did it get here? 
  • Who brought it into my life? 
  • Why is it hanging around and following me all the time? 
  • What could I do to get rid of it? 
  • What obstacles am I  facing that are preventing me from chasing it  off  the highest cliff so that it never returns? 
  • Now, imagine for a few moments that it’s gone; how are you feeling? 
  • What is it like to feel this new way? 
  • What steps can you take so that another one doesn’t take it’s place?

Yes, healing is possible!

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