Fear, Anxiety, Depression and the Link to Addiction

As true believers in Christ, we know that the Bible speaks volumes regarding fear, anxiety and depression.  What God says is that they are all demonic spirits that cause oppression if we submit to them. . For me, I no longer have any of these because I have learned to walk my faith and walk by faith.  When we trust Him, all of these spirits must leave.  As a matter of fact, the Bible speaks of them having to “run in seven different directions”.  The spirits of fear, anxiety and depression, are unable to coexist with the Holy  Spirit within us.  So, if they exist in you, there’s a problem.  Are you truly saved?  Are you walking the walk?  Are you repentant?  Do you have the Holy Spirit?  Are you in any sins that you haven’t confessed to Jesus for forgiveness?  Are you following ALL of God’s commandments?

Clean up your soul and these spirits will leave.  I know that – without any doubt.  Remember that our faith is based on what we cannot see – not what we can see.  It’s a supernatural walk.

What’s the #1 cause of addiction? It’s the severe anxiety, depression, and fear that lead to despair.

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