Addiction Has an END!

cash cowJust as addiction has a beginning, it also has an end. It’s not a disease. It doesn’t have relapses. Don’t subscribe to the lies of the medical, psychiatric and addiction rehab  communities; they want to perpetuate the lie in order to keep bringing in those big bucks. Don’t be their cash cow.

Your addiction can end in death or in life.  It’s a choice only you can make. You don’t need to hit rock bottom to choose. You need Jesus Christ, along with the right Manual to freedom – the Bible.  Follow Him, in ALL ways.  If you receive Jesus and you walk in His ways, then you will be free for life!  BUT – you need to walk the walk 100% of the time, not only 99%.  Yes, you’ll make mistakes; however, a true believer knows when those mistakes happen and ask for immediate forgiveness.  It’s like falling when you’re walking; you get right up and start walking again.

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