What’s Wrong with Most Recovery Programs?

I will make this answer as brief as I can… highlighting what I see is wrong.

Recovery, as the word implies, indicates that you will, at some point, recover; however, in addiction recovery, it takes on an entire new meaning when the ‘Steppers’ get involved. Recovery, in the broken ‘Step’ system that exists today, is defined by:

  • Forcing people to admit that they are ‘addicts’, even though you’re not using drugs or alcohol.  (This is an unthinkable thing to coerce people to declare, as it gives the mind permission to use again and again. It also degrades the psyche.)
  • Declaring, after much brainwashing, that you have an incurable disease that needs to be controlled by clawing through every second of every minute of every day.  (This is a outright LIE from the pit of Hell and very demeaning.)
  • Telling people to name anyone and anything as their ‘god’.  (There is only ONE True God of all Heaven and Earth and He’s declared in the Bible.  His Name is Jesus.)
  • Forcing ‘anonymity’.  This has proven to be very dangerous, because there are criminals who sneak into the 12 Steps groups and prey on vulnerable people who feel that they are sick and will never get better. This has caused many crimes to be committed against group members.  (We all have a name that we should be proud of.  We also need to know who is sitting next to us, so in case there is an issue, they can be reported to authorities.)
  • Having to have a ‘sponsor’ who is no better than anyone else and has no last name. (Seriously?  Who wants to be accountable to some nameless bozo who knows nothing more than you do, and probably isn’t capable of any leadership capacity.)
  • The ‘group CULT’ mentality causes MAJOR problems of jealousy, envy, bullying, despair, and causes the quiet ones to rarely get anything out of the meeting.  There are usually one or two anonymous groupies who run the whole show with their own agenda. (Groups, with the intent on creating any kind of therapeutic environment, is hopeless. People are individuals and as unique as each snowflake is, and need to be helped in a one-on-one private setting, for any progress to happen. Very few will ever discuss their private thoughts and concerns in a group, for fear of ridicule or shame.)
  • You’re forced to make ‘amends’, in a pattern of ‘steps’ or you’re just not a good groupie.  (The only accountability you have is to God, who will tell you – by His Holy Spirit – exactly what to do,  when & where to do it, and to whom.)

So, what’s the fix to this?

Although this sounds like an advertisement, it isn’t.  We know what kind of recovery program we have and that it works.  It’s God’s!  So, we declare it joyfully and boldly.  We eliminate the disease theory (just a theory created by the two dysfunctional founders of the 12 Steps), and we eliminate the broken ‘steps’… then we bring in Jesus’ power of healing,  individualized recovery support and Biblical teachings.  We make it fun, motivational, inspirational, and it’s all wrapped up with HOPE.   You an go to Victory Retreat Montana and read about our virtual recovery program, or you can check out and follow our brand new ministry’s recovery blog at VictoryRetreatMontana.Wordpress.com.

Remember:  There’s only one ‘step’ to being totally healed from addiction.  Step up to the Lord Jesus Christ who died so that you can live a healthy, addiction free life!

God doesn’t care about who you used to be.  He just cares about who you are now!