The Many Faces of Addiction

We often discuss what addiction is in respect to what it does to a person’s heart and soul, and what it does to the family unit; however, how often are we brave enough to stare it in the face?  If you have been affected, in any way, by addiction, these images may bring things more into focus.  Oftentimes, we don’t see it in ourselves or our loved ones ~ yet we see it in strangers.  I absolutely despise being morbid, because I am a happy, good news kind of person.  BUT, in light of what addiction does, I make the exception.  Let me tell you that none of these photos are staged by actors; these are ACTUAL PEOPLE in ACTUAL CRISIS SITUATIONS.

If you are addicted and are reading this, I may as well be invisible because you won’t see this.  You can’t; your drugs are your reason for living and you are unable to see anything beyond that. Your addiction is #1.  Your addiction has possessed you.

If you are a loved one of someone in an addiction, you will understand why I’m showing these pics and you will have much compassion, you’ll may even shed a tear or two. After reading this, though, you will probably continue giving your addicted child another $50 because they are telling you that they are hungry and have no money.  So, your emotions will, once again, take over your mind and you will give them the money. You know that they will spend it on drugs, but you can’t help yourself.  You too are in a state of denial.  Your denial is called ‘enabling’.  You allow your drug dependent loved one lie to you, over and over again.  You do this because you don’t know how to help him or her and you feel guilty.  Guilt and shame, on both sides, are major obstacles for the drug dependent person to get help.

FACTOID: Americans spend an estimated $276 billion every year drinking, smoking and taking drugs, according to a recent analysis. These are the same people who claim they can’t afford rehab, so they don’t go.  Then they return to their addiction!

Below, is an innocent little newborn baby fighting for his life because his mommy thought that her prescription opioids were more important that he was.  Babies are born in withdrawal when the mom uses drugs. Once they are born, they suffer unspeakably. They have tremors, seizures, the inability to sleep, an irregular and rapid heart beat, and much more.  Some will die, and those who live will have to suffer the ravages caused by their mothers.

face baby rx drugs

This next image, below, is of a mom grieving over her son who suffered an overdose of heroin and was left in a vegetative state on a respirator.

face spice

And… another grieving mom.

face heroin

Here we see the transformation of two attractive,  beautiful young girls into two alarmingly  frightful, and ghoulish looking females ~ all courtesy of meth.

face meth

face meth2

A woman high on crack, although it could be any other drug as well – including alcohol. Is this you or a loved one?


Below, you guessed it, a black out drunk!  Many times, a person just doesn’t know when enough is enough.  Not that it’s okay for anyone, but this is just a young kid. Don’t you just want to dig and find out what’s making him use?  I know I do!


The kind woman below wanted to share her overdose pic with all of you so that you can SEE what it does.  She survived and is now fighting the war against drugs. There are those of us who get well and turn those sour lemons into lemonade for others.


In this Sept. 7, 2016, file photo below, released by the East Liverpool Police Department, a young child sits in a vehicle behind his grandmother, Rhonda Pasek and her boyfriend, James Acord, both of whom are unconscious from a drug overdose. This child has just been abandoned by addiction and is scared.  This is why, in our recovery program, we work with the addicted person ALONG WITH their family – including children.  Addition has to be treated as a family problem, simply because it is.


Below is a photo of where all of this usually ends up… in death.  In the US, one person dies every 12.5 minutes of an unexpected accidental overdose at the rate.  This rate just changed from last year’s which was one person every 19 minutes.  Yes, kids too!


The image below needs no explanation at all.  It’s over!


This can be prevented.  How, you ask?  Substance abusers need to be RESCUED!  They just can’t do it on their own.  Logic and reasoning play no part in the healing process.  You can’t talk sense into someone who is addicted.  They won’t hear you and will just be dismissive and will make promises they can’t keep for the purpose of shutting you up.

GET YOUR LOVED ONE HELP!  He or she needs the love of God and His unconditional love.  They need to know that they are here for a purpose and that they matter.  They need to be seen and heard.  They want acceptance. They have to understand that God exists and that He created them to do His will here.  They need a future and hope.