Why Do We Need To Theorize About Addiction Causes When We Already Know?!

In the field and ministry we’re in – addiction – we are constantly reading about addiction being theorized as a disease… a disorder… a choice… a deeply rooted inherited family problem… or a number of other theories.  None of those theories have been or can be proven; they are just guesses.  Well, I’m here to tell you that addiction is in the Bible and tells us exactly what it is and what the causes are.  It’s a sin of ‘drunkenness’.  The original Greek word for drunkenness, as defined in Strong’s, is PHARMAKEIA, which means WITCHCRAFT!  It’s where we get our word, pharmacy.  Let that sink in for a moment.  Pharmakeia/drunkenness are not terms that just apply to alcohol; it’s anything that is mind altering.  The term ‘mind altering’ relates to any substance or unusual activity that causes you to think in different ways than you normally would.  These thoughts cause you to act differently… kind of the state of being under an evil spell.  All of this, in Scripture, have roots in the occult.  Being in a mind altered state may affected you in the following ways:

  • you could suffer memory loss
  • you may feel extreme tiredness and sleep a lot, or you’ll feel hyper and unable to rest or sleep at all
  • you might feel confused
  • you could feel dizziness
  • you might do things that cause you might not normally do, also called being uninhibited
  • you probably feel dumbed down, kind of like a zombie
  • you could suffer unusual episodes of extreme rage
  • you find yourself out of control much of the time
  • you may not be able to make decisions, so everything gets put off for a time that doesn’t happen
  • you might become very obsessive
  • you find yourself subject to unusual mood swings
  • you will know what feeling agitated is like
  • you may not think about driving while intoxicated
  • you probably put whatever you’re addicted to as the first 100 things on your priority list that are most important in your life, and there’s room for nothing and no one else
  • you find yourself lying a lot, and has become typical for you
  • you could have a sense of impending doom and death
  • you will probably be consumed by feeling sick and symptomatic of diseases that don’t exist
  • you find yourself visiting a doctor often, to find out what’s wrong with you, but you get no answers
  • during brief moments, you’ll wish you were your old self again, but think that returning to the real you is just not going to ever be possible
  • if you’re a Christian, you’re going to put Jesus on a back burner, so – in a way – you have rejected God’s Salvation; as time moves on, God just won’t matter much at all  anymore


With all of the above going on, doesn’t it come down to reaching out to the Lord and allowing Him to bring you to Himself?  Your life is a living nightmare and you’re out of control  in your addiction!  You can’t think about getting out, or doing anything about it, until you really have to, right?  You know that you could overdose, but you just can’t care.  You just give up.  You now know that this addiction you’re under, is witchcraft!  Evil has been eliminated by Jesus Christ; tap into it.  The thing is that Jesus loves you beyond beyond!  He created you.  Despite what you think, the truth is that He put you in your mother’s womb, and knows what you’re going through.  He can immerse Himself in you and feel your feelings.  When you decide to come back to Jesus, or come to Him for the first time, you don’t have to think about going through all the things you need to do to change yourself in any way.  All you have to do is come to Him and He’ll do the rest. There is Power in His Love – it’s a Love that is pure and surrounds you on all sides. You only need to ask Him to live His life in you!  Yes… it’s that simple!

Rebellion is sin.  Sin has been in existence since Adam and Eve.  Sin predisposes everyone to addiction, as well as many other problems. This was all fixed by Jesus Christ at the Cross.  Reach out to Him.  Please do it today.

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