What Can You Do For Your Family Member Who Is Addicted?

The question that I want to answer today is, what can you do when your family member is addicted?  Let me just say to you that there is no one answer to this… sometimes, there is no answer at all.  Addiction is so powerful that it occasionally becomes untouchable.  There are unseen forces at work that take over the addicted person’s entire mind and body, so reasoning doesn’t even come close to a solution.  We then have to work harder and dig deeper into what we can do.  Each human being is created differently, and so we have to use techniques that will reach them.

Always remember the old adage that says, you can catch more bees with honey.  It’s even more true with people.  If you want to reach someone, you need to embrace their humanity, find out which of their needs aren’t being met, what do they dream about if they weren’t addicted, ask them where they are in relation to where they will love to be, and spend quality time with them.  It doesn’t mean enabling… it just means to provide an ear that listens and hears them, as well as being someone who acknowledges who they are and who they want to become. You need to be a person who allows them to imagine how it could be and encourage them so that they realize that they can make it happen.

We all need hope to prosper.  People in addiction are no different.  They just assume that they are failures and can’t climb above their self perceived limitations. You can work to give them hope, which will propel them to get sober and stay that way. Need to learn more?  CLICK HERE or write me below.