Retreat! Renew! Recover from Addiction!

Once your addiction ends, you will need a quiet place to go and spend time – be it in your mind, your soul and spirit, or even in an actual physical place.   It’s kind of a ‘hiding’ place. You can liken it to a person who has been  critically injured in a violent car accident and needs months of rest and appropriate medical care – perhaps even surgical intervention.  You can’t expect  to jump right up, at the scene of the accident, and move forward with  life without any problems.  Life doesn’t happen that way. When the body is broken, there’s confusion from shock, and medical and/or surgical intervention is necessary, you need a hospital for as long as it takes to get better.

car accident

Addiction has been a rough road for you; you’ve been through hell. It’s time to heal.  Healing must take place in the proper venue. You will need to re-learn what a productive, hopeful, and normal life is all about, or learn it for the very first time. You end your addiction with being severely broken and injured. It’s not possible to pop right up and re-enter life in a better, more constructive way.  You need time to process healing in the right way.  That’s why we, at VRM, take you through an inspirational adventure of healing, where we start with ‘today’ and take you forward.  We work with you with the world renown Teen Challenge PSNC curriculum, as we are certified by them as teachers to do so.  Added to that, is personalized Christian life coaching, Biblical counseling, sound discipleship, activities to help you pay it forward, worship and praise. We have developed a wonderful fusion of highly seasoned ingredients that will put you on the road to a lifetime of lasting healing. You’ll never crave or worry about addiction again. While we have peer group activities, we work with you  one-on-one, simply because each of you are unique and have your own specific things you need to work through. We do not believe in groups for healing addiction due to this fact.  We also feel that your problems and concerns are not group business.

One of our slogans at VRM are, Retreat! Renew! Recover!   I have gone over that in another post here on this blog; however, let’s go over the basics of this. Retreat concerns putting you in a refuge for healing.  Renew is the adventure of taking your life back.  Recover means what it says, being fully recovered.  How long does all of this take? It’s different and unique to each person. You could heal in as little as a few months, or it could take a year or more.

Have a blessed day & make the right decision about your recovery so that your addiction becomes dust in the wind.