Do You Feel Invisible?

7184212543_317a0c4687_bDo you ever feel as though no one is hearing you… that no one can see you?  100% of those in addiction feel this way.  They feel like they just don’t matter to anyone. They view the world as filled with people who hate them and who don’t see that as having any value. So, they turn to drugs and/or alcohol. The high gives them a false sense of peace… of calm.  The problem is that it’s a false peace and a false calm, both of which don’t last. While they’re high, they don’t care about invisibility, so they keep getting high in hopes of never having to think about it ever again. That’s the delusion of addiction.  The reality is that when their high wears off, they feel invisible again. It’s a painful space to be living in.

How do you come to feeling as though you’re invisible?

There’s no definitive answer to this question, as it caused by many factors in one’s life.  You could have had a miserable childhood, where your parents were addicted and didn’t care about you or your needs.  Perhaps, you were passed around to a variety of homes while in the system.  You may have been raise by a single parent who was never there for you.  You may not have been positively intellectually challenged at home. You could have had a very unsuccessful experience in school. There are many possible scenarios that caused you to feel as though you’re invisible.  You have to understand that there is a way to become visible from the inside out – not from the outside in.

Let’s set the record straight!

  • You are valuable!
  • You matter!
  • You cannot allow your past to communicate with your present or future!
  • You must learn who you are and not let anyone influence your value!
  • God created you and made you perfect in His sight!
  • You are loved – by God!
  • You can make a difference in this life God gave you!

Sometimes, we need a little outside help to learn about ourselves and to find out how to get where we want to be.  I’m not at all speaking of the kind of therapy that takes you back to bad places in your past.  I’m talking about learning about the here and now, and how to get to a bright future that you are going to love and be loved.  Choose between burying your self in your lethal addiction, or getting well and getting into a recovery that ends with a brand new and wonderful life. If you’re in recovery, we can help make you visible!