More Doctors Admit to Diagnosing Healthy Patients with Cancer to Boost Profits. Some Are In Prison Because Of It. You need to read this!

I know that many of you just won’t believe this; nevertheless it’s the truth. We cannot live in a society that blocks the truth and remain balanced, healthy and open to change.  Denial is what constitutes fake news.  It is because of the TRUTH that censorship has begun and will continue unless people quit standing up for everything that is wrong in order to feel they ‘belong’ and are ‘accepted’. My Bible (yours too) says, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate”.

Doctors admit they diagnose healthy patients with cancer as it’s more profitable. A growing number of doctors are now going on the record to admit they have been intentionally diagnosing healthy patients with cancer as it’s more profitable to treat them for the life-threatening illness.It’s widely known that chiropractors may often administer unnecessary adjustments for a patient who has been in an automobile accident in order to collect maximum insurance payments.But as far as the patients go, one could argue; “no harm, no foul.” Perhaps the patient also benefits from some treatment for other ailments not caused by the accident. Either way, the doctor is this case would be essentially ripping-off the insurance company, and not physically harming his patient. It’s easy for us to except that this sort of practice occurs every day, but why is it so hard for us to believe that another doctor, with a similar moral compass, wouldn’t diagnose a patient with an illness they don’t have, just to make some extra money? Sadly, this is happening, and people are being intentionally misdiagnosed with cancer because the treatments are so lucrative and insurance companies, or the patients themselves, have no choice but to foot the bill.

Paul Fassa reports: It’s known that chemotherapy and radiation are harmful.However, and regardless of doctor’s claims, their true cure rate is under five percent.The cancer industry likes to claim higher rates based on remaining alive for five years or remissions that don’t last.But even after that, many don’t live much longer or their overall health is adversely affected. Deaths during chemo or radiation are attributed to the disease and never to the treatments, though it has been observed that chemo and radiation do worsen health and even kill. The mainstream cancer industry would fail without insurance to cover their outrageous costs since so few can afford them, while much less expensive and more effective cancer treatments are not covered by insurance in the USA. Economically not so rational, eh? In one decade alone, oncologists’ incomes have increased over 85 percent even as patient visits increased only 12 percent. Could that be due somewhat to allowing oncologists who administer chemo out of their own offices and clinics to purchase chemotherapy drugs at wholesale and mark them up two-fold, ya think? Dr. Lorraine Day cure her cured her breast cancer naturally. Since the whole cancer industry is a big lie with its testing for early intervention that can contribute to cancer, such as mammograms and PSA tests that often lead to injurious biopsies, a doctor can get cynical enough to exploit the insurance coverages by administering harsh chemo drugs if the patient shouldn’t receive them or even if the patient doesn’t have cancer at all! One not so uncommon practice is to maintain high chemo dosing and/or radiation with heavy morphine dosing added as an older patient is hopelessly on the way out, sometimes right up to the patient’s last breath. Of course, Medicare or Medicaid usually get the bill.Journalist Tony Isaacs reports in his article “Dying Cancer Patients are Being Milked of Every Last Dollar” how studies from the journal “The Oncologist” and the journal “Cancer” reported that one in five dying patients are given chemo with two weeks of their deaths and a third of terminal cancer patients aren’t sent to hospice until they have three days or less to live. Meanwhile, 91 percent of dying cancer patients were given radiation treatments, most of them dying in agony from those treatments before they could even finish them. Would you want your parent or grandparent to go through this?


Tony also reported how 25 percent of Medicare expenses occurred in Virginia during patients’ final month.So as long as the money is available, pumping dying older patients with toxic drugs and cooking them with radiation treatments is part of that good ole’ standard of care, the culpability cover for damages from conventional medicine. Meanwhile, most of those patients are heavily discouraged from seeking less harmful and more effective alternative treatments.With older folks especially, Medicare is usually the piggy bank that gets exploited even though that program does not usually completely pay what oncologists normally invoice for their “services”. And since Medicare usually doesn’t cover the whole bill, the patient or patient’s immediate family is responsible for the remainder of the bill that is zealously pursued by collection agencies for those doctors.A Recent Real Life Incident of Medical Insurance Fraud, It may be easy to scam a private insurance company somewhat and suffer a refusal to pay or slap on the wrist. But Medicare is a federal program monitored state by state that has ambitious federal prosecutors sniffing for cheaters due to the extreme amounts of payouts that are now suspicious.This is how one doctor in Michigan got sniffed out in 2014. Dr Farid Fata, a prominent cancer doctor in Michigan surprisingly confessed to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing relatively healthy people with cancer for the purpose of profiteering from chemo drug sales. His crimes were so egregious that the prosecuting federal attorney Barbara McQuade sought a life sentence, not so much for the $62 million dollars he had fraudulently billed Medicare for over a six-year period, but for the harm done to many of his 1200 patients over that time. According to a retired oncologist, Dr. Sayed Mohammed, who has noticed this trend over the last 10 years, “Many of these unscrupulous physicians are like businessmen without a conscience. The only difference is they have your health and trust in their hands – a very dangerous combination when money is involved.”

Don’t you ever wonder why it seems like just about everywhere you turn, someone has cancer?  Hmmmmmmmm!  If you think you’ve been treated as a cash cow, you probably have. Health comes from the King of Kings – Jesus Christ – and obedience to Him!  Get Him!

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