The only reason I am putting this post on is to fund our ministry which is saving lives from addiction, providing them with a transformational recovery. So, please don’t be angry with me for putting this here. After my near death in 2007, stopping opiate addiction is my passion.

We sell the finest, lab tested, Hemp CBD Oil as a mission for our ministry. Our CBD is NON-Psychoactive, so it will never get you high.  It’s all the power of healing without the high.

We are taking our online program to the next level – a physical drug & alcohol retreat here in Montana. We are working hard to make this happen sooner rather than later, as we are losing 1 child or adult every 12.5 minutes here in the US – from opioids. Your purchases on our site are 100% tax deductible as we are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation under Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc. We cherry picked the products we sell as we stake our reputation on it. We believe these are the highest quality CBD oil products at the lowest price. We have products for both humans and pets. Please check us out at http://OilFromAbove.com. To sum up, we are heavily invested in fighting the war on drugs from a new perspective – Jesus Christ and His healing – here in Montana and across the US. Montana needs a men’s facility that is non-clinical and faith based. God has called us to do this. We are certified by Teen Challenge USA to teach their world famous PSNC program which is for both teens and adults. Buying your hemp CBD Oil products from us makes you a partner with us in this war!

Thank you!