Hepatitis C and HIV Infections Surge Among People With Opioid Use Disorder

I am placing this warning here today for obvious reasons; however, I am (personally) completely against trading one addiction for another by the use of methadone and suboxone!  They are both addictive and will destroy body organs, with the same potential for overdose.  Once detoxed, the craving are gone, so there is no need for these dangerous drugs except to bring more money to Big Pharma and involve paying for more doctor visits to get refills.  ‘Relapse’ is mind control, as it also funds the medical field professionals with the megabucks!  Addiction being a disease is only a theory that is NOT evidence based!  Do your research! ~ NationalAddicctionNews

In the Annals of Internal Medicine, the experts recommend that everyone evaluated in medical settings for overdose, heart valve infections, blood poisoning, HIV, hepatitis C, and other serious infections should be screened for opioid use disorder. People found to have opioid use disorder should immediately receive prescriptions for a Food and Drug Administration-approved medication that treats the disorder and/or withdrawal symptoms and prevents relapse, Reuters reports.

Hospitals should develop processes that ensure treatment for opioid use disorder is started and that patients get linked to community-based treatment after discharge. In addition, hospitals, medical schools, physician assistant schools, nursing schools, and residency programs should increase training to identify and treat opioid use disorder. Finally, access to addiction care needs to be increased, as does funding to states to provide effective medications for treating opioid use disorder.

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