How Much Time Did Your Doctor Spend Informing You About The Probability of Addiction, Organ Damage & Premature Death BEFORE He Gave You Your First Opioid, Benzo, or Antidepressant?

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A typical scenario is going to your doctor with some type of pain, anxiety, or mood issues.  He (or she) gives you a few brief moments to describe what’s going on and then offers you Vicodin, Klonopin, and/or an antidepressant.  The entire scenario exists in the space of about 30 seconds. You happily leave the office, after you pay your bill, and zoom over to the pharmacy to get your ‘magic’ pill(s) that will fix you right up.  After spending 90 or more minutes waiting for that ‘magic’, you arrive home and pop the drugs into your mouth and swallow.  Within 15 or 20 minutes, it happens!  Total euphoria!  Now, nothing matters… not your pain… not your feelings of sadness… not your mood… not your anxiety… not anything.  So, you go to sit down or lay down to enjoy this mini euphoric ‘vacation’.  You say to yourself, this is the greatest fix for everything known to mankind and you fall madly in love with this bottle of pills.  It has quickly become your escape from everything.  You have found the answer! But, have you? (Please note that I’m speaking more of opioids and benzodiazepines; antidepressants are also lethal, but work differently.)

You wake up after slowly drifting off to an unexpected sound sleep from this extreme euphoria.  You think to yourself how great it was to sleep so deeply… something you haven’t been able to do for a while. You are feeling groggy as the euphoria begins to fade away. You’re feeling a bit confused and unsteady.  You ask why the euphoria left.  Why won’t it stay?  Oh well, why not pop another pill and get that euphoria back?  After all, your doctor gave you the prescription, so it must be safe, right?  WRONG!  He probably  never told you to be careful with these pills, so why be worried?

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And so begins your addiction.  It’s insidious!  It begins with filling a prescription from your doctor.  You tell yourself you’ll finish the bottle of pills but you won’t refill them again.  Let me tell you something. By the time you finish that bottle of opioids or benzos, you’re addicted.  You can’t do without them anymore.  You find that if you don’t take them, you feel far too sick and uncomfortable.  You convince yourself that going back to your doctor and getting more pills is the thing you need to do. So, you do just that and the nasty cycle of addiction begins.  One lady I worked with kept telling me, “I can’t believe my entire life is dependent upon these little tiny pills”.

pills dYou are now 2 or 3 months into your addiction, and you’re finding that your little pills don’t bring about that euphoria that made everything seem okay.  You feel a little high, but not enough.  Your pain is worse… your anxiety is worse… your mood swings are uncontrollable.  So, you tell your doctor about all of this and, instead of sending you to detox, he increases your dose or adds another pill to the mix.  You say to yourself that this was an easy remedy; however, you soon find out that is isn’t.  The same thing keeps happening, again and again.  So, you increase your dosage… add more pills… go to more doctors… and keep getting sicker and sicker when you don’t take them. You now are understanding that nothing else matters but having your pills close by… getting your pills from your doctor or anyone else who you can get them from… and preventing that awful withdrawal.  Your entire life is upside down an focused on bottles of pills.  You are chasing your first high.  You may or may not be able to work; however,  one thing is for sure ~ nothing and no one matters like those pills.  You try to reflect back to that first day of going to that doctor you thought you could trust with your life, and wish you never started this.  You’re afraid to drive in ice and snow, but you do it to get to your doctor and pharmacy to get those pills.  You find that you’re risking your life!

cash cowWhy didn’t that doctor give you a prescription for addiction?  Why didn’t he spend just 15 stinking minutes going over what happens when using these drugs.  Why didn’t your pharmacist warn you?  Why weren’t you given an informed choice?  The reason is that doctors, drug companies and pharmacies rake in the mega bucks from addictive drugs.  Many have become drug dealers in white coats.  It’s about greed and you’ve become a victim.

If you’re reading this and it sounds a lot like your story, PLEASE get help from a board certified addiction specialist and get detoxed. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN – YOU COULD SUFFER MANY LETHAL COMPLICATIONS AND YOU COULD EASILY DIE.  Staying on these drugs will eventually cause an accidental overdose.  It’s preventable if you get help today.  Don’t wait.  It involves spending only 5 to 14 days in a detox facility or hospital.  They will make you as comfortable as possible.  Whatever you do,  please do NOT let them discharge you with ongoing medications like methadone or suboxone.  There is no need to continue with those drugs as they are also addictive and can be lethal.  Do NOT exchange one addiction for another.  These drugs will also cause you to be your doctor’s cash cow.  They are unnecessary.  Just get into a good faith based recovery program immediately after detox… one you can do from home that doesn’t interfere with your normal life.  You will be more faithful to a program if you can do it from the comfort of home.  Without sounding like an annoying commercial, we could be your answer, as we can offer you just that.  PLEASE CHECK US OUT!  Our recovery ministry is a 501(c)3 so that your small weekly tuition is 100% tax deductible.  We did that for YOU!

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