Compassion & Encouragement, Along with the Love of God, Can Save Them From Accidental Premature Death

Most Will Overdose and Die, Unless…….

This is a topic that many don’t want to hear, and one that is hard to talk about; however, it is the reality of a user’s life. Most will never make it to detox or rehab because they will die of an overdose first. A person who is addicted will climb the highest mountain, swim across the country – without knowing how to swim, knock down their own mother on their way to score drugs, leave their baby alone crying in their crib or in a hot car, steal, prostitute themselves, and do whatever it is they have to do for their next high.  Those of you who have never used cannot possibly understand what I’m saying, nevertheless it’s solid truth. The power of the drug is just overwhelming.  I call it a demonic possession, because I truly feel that it is.  Once you submit to the drug (alcohol included), you’ve quite literally handed your life over to Satan.  Yes… it’s thatpowerful.

I can remember speaking with a group of mothers who were hit as hard as you can be hit by the addiction of their children.  It was just a way of life, for generations, for them to plan a funeral for their children while they were young.  I walked in on a conversation they were having about what flowers they wanted for each of their children’s funerals.  When I interjected some thoughts, they told me that this is the way it is.  Each mom at the table lost at least one child at a young age to drugs and alcohol, so they needed to be ready.  Their culture was just like that and they just accepted it rather than fight it.  I tried my hardest to help, but they were so programmed that I couldn’t get through to them.  It was as hard to reach them as it is to reach someone who is addicted.  In a way, they were all addicted to despair and refused help for a way out.

c162c816dd426ac59540cdc5964a2041In the world of addiction, you have to expect the expected, but still try everything you can to rescue them.  100% of the time, a person in addiction MUST be rescued!  I used to be an interventionist, but I saw no lasting value to it.  What you’re basically doing is using coercion, which may work for the moment, but the results are not necessarily long lasting.  I do, however, believe in coaching families on how to help their addicted loved ones.  There are ways, but no guarantees.  You’ve heard that a person in addiction has to ‘hit rock bottom’ before they decide to get clean.  It’s true!  The problem is that too many die before that happens, so we need to continue to try. We don’t use tactics that will demean or harm their character… we need to use love and encouragement.  They need to know that there is a loving place to go once their addiction is over.  Every single addicted person suffers from despair, so encourage… encourage… encourage.  Try not to criticize; it will drive them further away.  There are always positive things to say.  They have been rejected and stepped on enough; that’s why they’re using. You don’t need to add to that.  You see, one of our basic needs is to love and be loved.  On top of all of this, you need to fill the space that we’re born with in our hearts… the space that the Lord wants to have.  That’s where Jesus comes in.  We give them the true love of God, as is in the Bible, and they heal.  They need to know that they are loved by Him and created for a unique purpose.  We help them find that purpose and their lives transform!  The thing is, they, like us,  need constant and ongoing spiritual ‘food’ to stay free.  Our bodies won’t survive without food and our souls cannot survive without spiritual food.

Mock me… humor me… yell at me… tell me I’m wrong… do what you will; however, our ways work and we are saving and healing many lives that would otherwise have been headed for early death from overdose.

***In certain states, here in the US, you may be able to hold a patient for observation against their will.  It’s being done less and less, but it still can be done.  I can’t speak for the outcome to the addicted person; however, desperate times call for desperate measures at times. So, you can try.

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I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

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