Simple 3 Ingredient Recipe to END Addiction & Bring Recovery to a Close!

Catastrophizing is basically believing something is far, far worse than it actually is.  Some do it specifically for the attention, while others experience this because they truly perceive things from a very negative perspective.  It can generally can take two different forms:

  1. making a catastrophe out of a current situation
  2. imagining making a catastrophe out of a future situation.

People tend to  catastrophize and dramatize, and this negative and destructive behavior is spreading. You can even watch it play out on social media.  It’s a type of histrionic behavior.  No one enjoys it, but many think that they have to comfort these individuals.  For some reason, people think that if they draw attention to their sicknesses, human frailties and personal problems, they will amass the attention of many. Well, that’s true – to a point; however, is that the kind of attention that you want, or do you want positive, healthy attention that helps you grow into being a better person?  I believe that it is those who think they could never get any attention at all who are guilty of catastrophizing.  I see it all the time on Facebook.  The other day, I came across a woman who actually takes a daily selfie of herself with captions saying, look how bad I look today!  Absurdity!  People are defining themselves by their sicknesses and diseases, just to get attention. I’ve seen too many use their disease as part of their name!  Perhaps a little faith that God will heal them if they come to Him would be an awesome solution!  Then, they can blossom into the person HE created them to be!  What a beautiful place earth would be if that could happen!  Just remember always, that your words have an unrealized power to make things better or to make things worse.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue.
Proverbs 18:21

From the fruit of his lips a man will enjoy good things.
Proverbs 13:2

For by your words you will be acquitted,
and by your words you will be condemned
Matthew 12:37

So, how does this all relate to addiction, and the 3 ingredients necessary to end it, and experience a complete recovery?  The answer is that people tend to turn their sorrows and despair through addictions – thinking that getting high will eliminate their depression and anxiety.  They do this through behavioral addictions as well (shopping, porn, gambling, etc).  From this, they catastrophize their addiction by believing the lies that addiction is a disease from which they can never recover.  This type of catastrophizing stems from a very weakened emotional state caused by drugs, alcohol and behavioral addictions.  They will believe anything!  So, we have money hungry doctors and rehabs brainwashing vulnerable people into submission in order to cause them to believe a lie.   This keeps people in their addictions ~ hopeless and helpless.

The Simple Recipe to END Addiction & Fully Recover

  • Salvation
  • Everyday learning more and more about God & living HIS way
  • Prayer & Praise 24/7

jesushealswebThe answer to ALL of life’s problems are in The Bible.  Although Bibles exist in church buildings, that’s not where you learn to grow in Christ.  The fuel to healing comes from a passion for Jesus from within your heart and mind.  It’s not found in a church building or in some religion.  You know I’m right when I tell you that your life tells you that something huge is missing that you can’t seem to find, so the search continues. God puts a gaping sinkhole in your soul that can only be filled and satisfied by HIM.  Once you find Jesus, and truly work out your salvation, you will never ever be empty or searching  again.  Put spiritual blinders on, knowing that HE is the only way.  After a while, you’ll learn that true peace is found with the Lord Jesus Christ.  So is your complete and total healing.  Addiction is a symptom of despair and brokenness.   Get saved!  Read your Bible several times a day!  Pray and Praise God for who HE is!  He’s a Might God that we serve!

cropped-logo-final-vrm-white-letters.pngAt Victory Retreat Montana, we can navigate you through to a successful and complete recovery.  Recover once and be recovered for life!  I’ts all online, from the comfort of your home!