👉New generation of synthetic drug pedaling targeted toward teens

There’s a new generation of synthetic drugs aimed at children and teens and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is warning parents just how dangerous these drugs are. The DEA is cracking down on more than 400 different types of synthetic drugs. These synthetic drugs are being sold in brightly-colored packaging, often labeled as potpourri, with catchy names like “The Hulk” to target youth and disguise their harmful effects.

“Probably one of the most common synthetic drugs that we’ve seen in packages such as this, that is referred to ‘Breaking Bad.’ It’s just a marketing way to push out a product on the street that we referred to as synthetic cannabinoids and/or on the streets it’s referred to as synthetic marijuana and really the goal of the packaging is to attract the users,” Wendell Campbell with the DEA said.

They’re not only dangerous because of the way they are marketed, they’re dangerous because of the way they are being made. These drugs are made to taste or smell like various fruits when smoked. The real danger comes from how they mix it.

“They’ll take 8, 15, 20 pounds of leaves at a time maybe even 30 pounds, grind the leaves up and they put them in large cement mixtures like you see at a construction site for example” says Campbell.

That’s right. A large cement mixer, mixing gallons of chemicals at a time.

“So often time we see a very uneven mix with that and that’s why they get whats called ‘hot spots’ in the product and that’s what’s causes the overdoses and many times you’ll hear it on the news — 30 or 40 people at a party overdosed at a time,” Campbell says.

These hot spots are in fact so dangerous, they’re sending thousands to the emergency rooms.

If you see these packages, you can report it to the DEA or call your local law enforcement.

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