What Happened To Me On Facebook Today Is A Beyond Horrific Epiphany!

As my regular readers know, I’m just a servant of our Living God, Jesus Christ.  I serve Him in a powerful and successful ministry He gave me.  I’ve been serving Him in this ministry since 2010.  What I do is lead people out of addiction with a non-clinical alternative Biblical recovery program which I believe is the finest on earth.  My Facebook was connected to this blog; however, as of today, my articles which appear here were taken down as not being a reflection of proper “Facebook community values”.

You can go ahead and look over my articles, if you’ve never seen them.  For those of you who have read them, you know that they are helpful and filled with love, compassion and good information.  I write so that I can help all of my readers to:

  • enjoy better health.
  • realize that there are alternative health options.
  • to bring a Christian recovery program from a Biblical standpoint.
  • bring awareness to prescription drug dangers.
  • to show the dangers of vaccines.
  • and to bring to light a few other related issues.

Facebook decided that my articles are not aligned with good practice. When I appealed their decision, which they gave me the option to do, I received an immediate denial – within seconds of my submission.  Without going off on a tangent, I must say that regularly, I get approached by men and women on facebook asking me to ‘friend’ them. Their facebook pages, when I go to check out who they are before I accept their friend requests, have them naked, in disgusting sexual positions that leave nothing to the imagination about what their genitalia look like, and photos of them having sex.  I don’t ‘study’ their site; the photos immediately come up and shock me.  I have repeatedly complained to facebook about the lude and disgusting behaviors on those sites – BUT, they tell me that what they are doing does not interfere with Facebook’s community values.  So, pornography is okay, but health and values is not?

Censorship is increasing now, more than ever.  Social sites are now filled with porn and anti-social behaviors such as bullying and nonsense.  It’s sad because I have helped a few people who have contacted me for help on facebook; now, I’ll probably be taken down.  There are literally billions of people on facebook; however, there is no tolerance for Christians, Conservatives, or alternative health.  I do have to add that my articles never claim that the alternative health options were approved by the FDA.  I have a disclaimer on this blog that stipulates this.  It’s just the way the world is going and it isn’t good.  If people such as myself didn’t exists, the entire population would be dumbed down with Big Pharma drugs and be hopeless. Bottom line?  Facebook is all about Mark Zuckerberg’s sadistic liberal agenda. It’s time to leave it behind.

That was my day, but my future is bright!

Shamelessly, you can view my ministry and my ‘community values’ here!