Medical marijuana patients federally barred from buying firearms

A firearms expert said Missourians who get a medical marijuana card will not be able to buy a gun.

“If you are able to get it, get a doctor’s prescription, you will no longer be able to purchase firearms, not legally, not through a gun shop,” firearms instructor Don Pind said.

The federal form required with each gun purchase specifically says that using or possessing marijuana is illegal under federal law, regardless if it is OK for medicinal or recreational use in any state.

Pind said he has seen it happen to Missourians who bought pot in Colorado, where it is legal.

“They came back to Missouri, went to purchase a gun. You have to have a photo ID. When we run your name through the computer, it automatically connects you with buying marijuana in Colorado,” Pind said.

That’s because dispensaries also check identification for marijuana purchases.

The organizers of the medical marijuana amendment in Missouri acknowledge that this will be an issue, as it is in the other 31 medical marijuana states.

“If you have to get a prescription, you have to go to a registered store to buy this. You’re going to have to show ID to prove who you are. They’re going to have to have records on it. Everybody’s going to know it,” Pind said.

The source for the above article can be found here.

You can be sure that this will happen everywhere until the day that Big Pharma takes over total control of marijuana.

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