Psychiatric Drugs Destroy Lives & Kill

Psychiatrists can’t predict what adverse side effects you might experience because not one of them knows how their drugs work.

Psychotropic drugs are increasingly being exposed as chemical toxins with the power to kill. Psychiatrists claim their drugs save lives, but according to their own studies, psychotropic drugs can double the risk of suicide. And long-term use has been proven to create a lifetime of physical and mental damage, a fact ignored by psychiatrists.

Common and well-documented side effects of psychiatric drugs include mania, psychosis, hallucinations, depersonalization, suicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and sudden death.

Not only that, but The US Food and Drug Administration admits that probably one to ten percent of all the adverse drug effects are actually reported by patients or physicians.

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A note from  It is our opinion that NO ONE should be taking these medications for any reason whatsoever; however, ‘IF’ someone is on these medications for a temporary issue, they need to be in a psychiatric institution or mental health unit to be able to be closely monitored.  ***NEVER STOP ANY OF THESE MEDICATIONS ABRUPTLY & ALWAYS SEEK THE GUIDANCE OF A QUALIFIED MEDICAL DOCTOR TO DETOX YOU. 

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