In the garden, Jesus wept tears of blood. He wasn’t happy about going to the cross and asked our Father to stop it ‘if He could’ but also told Him, “Thy will be done”.   I don’t want to assign the weak human condition of depression to my God; however, in God’s realm, it probably somehow parallels the depression that you may feel. After all, Jesus was about to be beaten to the point of being unrecognized as a Person, and then suffer a cruel crucifixion and humiliation. As we must fashion our lives as Jesus did and does, what did He do to ELIMINATE His despair? He prayed! He didn’t search for weed, wine, or pills to fix it…. He called for His Father who fixed it. When you’re attacked by Satan with depression, despair, sickness, disease, unemployment, anger, impending divorce, or any other human frailty… go to God in prayer and quote Scripture as you pray. As believers, we are heirs to His promises – as long as we stay on the straight and narrow road He prepared. Ditch the drugs, alcohol  pills, weed, wine, gambling and other human escapist ways. If you do any of these things, you are NOT on the straight and narrow road to Heaven. Don’t be deceived by the insidious ways of the enemy of our souls… especially by thinking some of these ways are okay because they were prescribed by some doctor! The Bible considers the ways of your doctor as 100% witchcraft! If you’re looking to Heaven for your eternal home, then seek HIM… JUST PRAY, PRAISE HIM FOR ALL THINGS, & FOLLOW HIM!

So, what does all of the above have to do with my guarantee that you will be healed from any addiction for the rest of your life?  Everyone, and I mean everyone, who follows Jesus the Messiah with 100% of their being, will be healed of addiction!  I say that with 100% certainty!  God is not substandard and He is NOT a liar.  When Jesus died on the cross, He took with Him the sins of the world.  Yes, addiction is a sin, not a disease.  It’s a sin because it goes against God and His Word (the Bible).  If you 1) are a true born again believer, 2) follow the entire Bible as best as you can, 3) love God (Jesus) with all of your heart, soul and might, 4) stay on the straight and narrow road to heaven, 5) make repentance and praise a daily commitment, 6) combine your faith with works, 7) and reject this world and all its evils, YOU WILL BE HEALED OF ADDICTION FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  As believers, we are heirs to ALL His promises; healing is a promise as we are under God’s blessings – not curses! Get saved & get healed!