‘Incredible Hulk’ Suffers Vaccine Injury

Actor Lou Ferrigno, the original “Incredible Hulk,” reportedly suffered side effects following a pneumonia vaccine.

“Went in for a pneumonia shot and landed up here with fluid in my bicep,” the 67-year-old former bodybuilder Said on Instagram.

I’ll be ok but it’s important that you keep an eye on who’s giving the shot and make sure they not only swab the spot correctly but that you watch the needle come out of the package,” he continued.

The type of pneumonia vaccine he received remains unclear, but he remains in good spirits as he recovers.

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Vaccine injuries to adults & kids are rampant today!  Please make certain that you ask your doctor to give you the package insert for vaccines that go into your body or the body of your child.  These vaccines, for the most part, stay in your body for a lifetime – and so do the TOXINS that are in them.  They are DANGEROUS!  There are many alternative and natural ways to prevent sickness and disease.  NationalAddictionNews.com does NOT back any vaccine as being safe or necessary.  Please do your due diligence and research, research, research.  Never trust your doctor.