I Have to Complain Today – is Anyone There?

Since NationalAddictionNews.com is fully owned and exclusively run by yours truly, I’m taking the time to complain about a rather disturbing issue I had on Facebook yesterday that was overwhelmingly shocking, but undesirably expected.  Thanks for reading my rants about the topic below. (No, I’m not sharing this on my Facebook.)  Here goes.

I wanted to bring some rarely talked about awareness about marijuana to Facebook, simply because it’s becoming more and more legal in more and more states here in the US. So, I put a simple little ‘sign’ up that I made that absolutely blew it up. My one sentence that I posted is below, and was directed at those followers and ‘friends’ who claim they are believers in Jesus Christ.  I have almost 2000 followers, most of whom asked ME to be friends with THEM, with the exception of about 10 of people who I personally asked.

God’s command to be “sober and vigilant”

includes NOT using THC.  

So, if you’re a believer,  you may be able to feel some of my disgust in their responses, here are just a sprinkling of the comments I received.  The majority of comments I received used profanity of extreme proportions, so I had to delete most of them.  I do not want profanity and hate on my Facebook page.  After deleting the comments, I received even worse profanity and hate speech because I had the audacity to delete their profane comments… as though profanity is okay and acceptable to me.  I serve Jesus Christ and profanity is NOT okay by anyone anywhere in my world.  Now, below is just a little sampling of what they said.  I tried to clean their words up a bit: 

  • Jesus smoked weed with His disciples; it’s in the Bible
  • Jesus commanded us to smoke weed to be healed
  • Why the h*ll did you friend me; I don’t know you? (A quick rewind to my 2nd paragraph above that clarified all but 10 ‘friends’ requested ME, not the other way around. I guess they were so high on THC that they can’t remember what they did.)
  • Jesus healed with weed; that’s how He healed when He was here
  • I give my 9 year old son THC at least 5 times a day so that he doesn’t beat the living sh*t out of me everyday
  • I give THC to my 4 year old kid to heal  him of ADHD
  • I take THC for anxiety
  • You are a b*tch to come against THC; the Bible says we can get high anytime we want to
  • Getting high is what God wants us to do
  • You call yourself a Christian and talk against THC?  You ain’t no Christian. Go to h*ll
  • You don’t f*ck*ng understand pain; I have to do it to raise all of my kids because they are so d*m annoying
  • I have to smoke weed to remain normal
  • Weed is healthy
  • A few actually posted the following: “what version of the Bible are YOU reading; weed is in there all over”.  (Well, I read the KJV and quoted chapter and verse on why we are commanded to remain sober.)
  • Being high and staying high gets me through life
  • THC saved me (I guess this one didn’t know Jesus saves)
  • My kids have to be on THC or I’ll lose my mind (Many, I found out use marijuana to control their little pre-school children – OMG!)
  • I’ve got problems that only weed takes care of; you don’t understand
  • But I’m raising my kids alone, I have to be high all the time
  • Getting high is in the Bible (What Bible are they reading?)
  • Then there were a lot of  ‘f*ck  y*u  comments

There were so many more comments from professing believers who were aggressively nonsensical about defending their use of marijuana – as though I was ‘the one’ in charge of deciding whether or not marijuana would remain legal or not!  If these people would be as passionate about God and healthy Biblical living as they are about being high on weed, there lives could be awesome!  They have chosen being high instead of serving God.  Their words spelled complete and total certifiable  i-n-s-a-n-i-t-y!  To me, this shows what THC/weed is doing to 1) dumb down Americans to bringing them into submission, 2) to break down families, 3) to destroy the brains of children, 4) to cause bad decision making, 5) confusion, 6 memory loss, 7) to cause bad parenting, and more.

PLEASE NOTE:  The jury is still out on the medical use of marijuana.  That said, I am not against that at all.  Compared to Big Pharma’s lethal weaponry that is killing people left and right, it certainly can be a viable option. When it’s used properly, there have been many, many testimonies of healing of cancer, seizures and some other life challenging diseases and disorders. What I am against is people getting high to run from life or for the sake of being high.  We need to go through the fire, not around it in order to be perfected by God.  Anyone going around it by getting high all the time, will suffer the separation from our God in eternity.  You can’t be a Jonah and live. My personal opinion (and who really cares about my opinion), is that the healing factor is in the organic and pure CBD oil which does not and cannot make you high.  I believe CBD holds the key to healing.  I suggest that everyone does their research and make an informed decision.

If any Facebookers are reading this, please don’t embarrass yourselves with the kinds of comments you make.  Those kind of comments make you appear to be ignorant and very small.  If weed doesn’t affect your mind (as you say it doesn’t), then speak properly and makes some sense.  You don’t need to curse to get your point across unless you don’t really believe in what you’re saying.

To the brethren I say read your Bible.  Choose a Bible that is more old school than the radically changed ‘modern’ versions.  Those new versions, for the most part, have destroyed the spirit of God’s Word and changed the wording so that all sin is a good thing… even to the extent to lie that Jesus was not God and was a sinner like the rest of us. That, my friends, is HERESY and reflects no knowledge of God whatsoever.

God’s blessing to you all for truth to rule your lives!




3 thoughts on “I Have to Complain Today – is Anyone There?

  1. You have SO blessed me with your words, Amy. I truly needed to hear that. Thank you from my very soul. God’s blessings to you in all things. I too was on a similar path of destruction that ended 12 years ago with my being totally set free. So. I understand and so happy you’re free as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Our God is an awesome God!


  2. How incredibly sad that the devil is using so many lies. I smoked pot throughout my 20’s and 30’s and was around it continually as a child. It does nothing but cause people to become lazy, slow minded and paranoid while on it. It also destroys the body and it does not help the eyes but blur the eyes. And if a person has been drinking and then smokes pot, then the inebriation is intensified significantly, within minutes of smoking it.
    And amen on the reading the older version of the Word as so many have distorted the word of God.
    I’m glad to read your rant lol. And I’m glad for your blog as it keeps me updated on the severity of the drug world today. I used to be an addict until age 35. I’m saved and set free! But in order to help others we have to stay informed. God bless you!


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