This Weapon Of Mass Destruction Created By Big Pharma Could Easily Wipe Out America: Deaths In America Caused By Big Pharma’s Poisons FAR Outnumber Gun Deaths

 But Nothing Will Be Done About Big Pharma Deaths Because Congress Is In Their Pockets


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
In this recent story over at Fox News they reported a Mexican national had been arrested attempting to come in to America with a record amount of fentanyl, over 114 kilograms (equal to over 250 pounds), an amount of fentanyl that could kill over 57 MILLION Americans according to the Fox News story.

While Stars and Stripes had reported back in December of 2018 upon an April of 2018 fentanyl bust that netted over 118 pounds, their story also explained to us that the fentanyl drug business is extremely lucrative, helping to explain why so much of it is now being seen here in America. Reporting that one kilogram of fentanyl, purchased from China for $3,000 to $5,000, can then be turned around to generate revenues of up to $1.5 million here in America where it is often mixed in with heroin, their story also warned that fentanyl should be treated like a weapon of mass destruction rather than another ‘legal poison’ which was created by big pharma back in the 1960’s but only in recent years became so prevalently used, leading to so many deaths.

As Reach MD pointed out in this October of 2017 story, fentanyl quickly became America’s leading cause of overdose deaths over the past several years as drug users sought out the strongest products and as this November of 2018 story over at the NY Times and the graph from their story below shows, while Democrats still scream about taking Americans guns, opioid overdose deaths are absolutely dwarfing the number of deaths caused by guns in America.

With 1993 the peak year for gun deaths in America at approx. 40,000, the 70,000+ who died from drug overdose deaths in the US in 2017 should be receiving much more attention with that number almost twice the number who died from gun deaths during that peak year. Yet the opioid crisis is rarely mentioned in Congress because it has largely been caused by ‘big pharma‘ and that same ‘big pharma‘ is donating tens of millions of dollars every year to those same members of Congress.

While President Trump once mentioned that maybe drug dealers should be executed in America, this April of 2018 story over at the Institute For Policy Studies took a different angle, with the author of the story suggesting that maybe ‘big pharma‘ executives should be ‘executed‘ instead.

Reporting within their story that it is the big corporations, and not street dealers, who are the true authors and profiteers of the opioid crisis in America, they also reported that maybe President Trump should “put the noose around drug-making and selling giants like Purdue Pharma, McKesson, Insys Therapeutics, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, and others” while also pointing out that President Trump knows big pharma is donating tons of money to Congress while killing Americans. Big pharma has absolutely fueled the opioid epidemic.  Below is an excerpt from the Institute For Policy Studies story.:

The pharmaceutical industry spends more than any other industry on influencing politicians, with two lobbyists for every member of Congress. Nine out of ten House members and all but three senators have taken campaign contributions from Big Pharma.

The president knows this, in a way. These companies “contribute massive amounts of money to political people,” he said at a press conference in October 2017 — even calling out Mitch McConnell, who was standing beside him, for taking that money. Pharmaceutical manufacturers were “getting away with murder,” Trump complained in the same speech.

As we see in the graphic above, the lethal amount of fentanyl is so much less than the lethal amount of heroin and with fenantyl often mixed in to heroin on the streets, those purchasing such drugs have no way of knowing what they’re really getting.

And while this story over at Narconon reports that some experts have declared it’s impossible to overdose by simply touching fentanyl, a claim that even a Trump administration training video agrees with as Medical Express reported in this August of 2018 story, there have been other reports from first responders who overdosed after accidentally touching the drug with one police officer almost dying after coming across it during a traffic stop as EMS World reported in this story.

So while there are differences of opinion even among medical experts over whether or not simply touching fentanyl could lead to the drug getting into the body, there are no doubts just how deadly fentanyl is, with carfentanil even more deadly at 100 times the strength of fentanyl. Yet with the help of big pharma, this stuff is getting out on to American streets as if it is candy.

We should consider ourselves extremely fortunate that it hasn’t yet been used as a weapon of mass destruction to kill thousands or even more innocent Americans yet as the recent southern border seizure of enough of it to kill over 50 million people shows, as long as there is a demand for it and millions to be made off of it, this stuff will keep pouring in.


  • In this December of 2018 story by S.D. Wells over at Natural News they report that national security experts have warned that fentanyl will likely be used by someone as the next WMD, warning within their story that all it would take would be 1,500 pounds of the drug to wipe out every man, woman and child in America if properly dispersed. This line from that story is bothersome: “If terrorists were to make a dirty bomb using around 1500 pounds of Fentanyl, they could wipe out every person in America.”

    As that story also pointed out, even the CIA agrees that fentanyl is a very real national security threat to America but with our southern border still wide open, this deadly poison that can be used as a WMD continues to flow in. From their story.:

    Fentanyl is super easy to manufacture. It’s mass produced in Mexico and China, then slung by drug dealers on the streets and by medical quacks in just about every doctor office and hospital across our drug-addicted nation. In case you’re thinking it’s not as bad as actually shooting up with smack (street heroin), think again.

  • Fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin
  • one small dose can even subdue an adult elephant.
  • The drug is so deadly that a human baby can die just getting a little on its skin.
  • Nearly 30,000 Americans died last year from Fentanyl overdoses, including children, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). 

    Fentanyl is now considered a biochemical weapon and a significant threat to the national security of America. Even the CIA agrees and are sounding the alarms. Fentanyl has already been used in a terror attack in Russia back in 2002, where Russian special forces pumped it into a Moscow theatre to “incapacitate” the attackers. What went wrong? Over 100 of the 800 hostages died from heroin overdose. The scene was similar to the Holocaust, when Hitler sent Jews into huge “shower” facilities and pumped in deadly Zyklon B gas (crystalline hydrogen cyanide).

    So where is the real “War on Terror” being fought and lost? On American soil, that’s where. The opioid epidemic claims 30,000 lives each year, while 90 million Americans (that’s 40 percent of the entire population) keep on sucking down those little heroin pills. If Big Pharma decided to triple the Fentanyl dose all in one week, it would be genocide across America.

    Meanwhile, criminal medical quacks (most of the doctors you use and trust and pay the big bucks to go to) are writing up to 100 opioid prescriptions per day. The so-called medical doctors are nothing more than glorified drug dealers taking bribes and kickbacks from pharma reps to “legally” dish out heroin. The “War on Drugs” is a “War for Drugs,” including Fentanyl, OxyContin, and Percocet. Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses are being arrested right and left for pocketing billions from pushing toxic medications through fraudulent schemes. 

    It’s one huge “legalized” crime ring out there, and if we’re not careful, it’s going to turn into a Holocaust. Prescription drugs have killed more Americans than every war put together.

In the first video below from 7 News we see a HAZMAT team responding to a fentanyl overdose in full hazardous material gear as if they’re going into a war zone while in the 2nd video below, we learn about the history of fentanyl. In the final video below from the Zolna Report, we hear about the massive recent fentanyl bust that thankfully prevented more than 250 pounds of a deadly chemical weapon from coming in to this country that could have led to the deaths of millions.

Yet we have to ask, how many more such huge shipments of fentanyl are getting into this country without our Border Patrol agents finding them, weapons of mass destruction in the hands of ‘who knows who‘ being delivered into middle-America and from East coast to West? With fentanyl a chemical weapon of mass destruction on US streets, the FDA also deserves their fair share of the blame according to this recent story over at the Guardian which reports the FDA’s own opioids adviser has accused the agency of having ‘direct’ link to crisis and who warned “officials are manipulating process to benefit big pharma“. We’ll close with this stunning excerpt from their story.:

The Food and Drug Administration is sacrificing American lives by continuing to approve new high-strength opioid painkillers, and manipulating the process in favor of big pharma, according to the chair of the agency’s own opioid advisory committee.

Dr Raeford Brown told the Guardian there is “a war” within the FDA as officials in charge of opioid policy have “failed to learn the lessons” of the epidemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people over the past 20 years and continues to claim about 150 lives a day.

Brown accused the agency of putting the interests of narcotics manufacturers ahead of public health, most recently by approving a “terrible drug”, Dsuvia, in a process he alleged was manipulated.

“They should stop considering any new opioid evaluation,” said Brown. “For every day and every week and every month that the FDA don’t do the right thing, people drop dead on the streets. What they do has a direct impact on the mortality rate from opioids in this country.”

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My question is:  WHY would doctors prescribe this LETHAL drug with the FULL knowledge that it will KILL YOU?  Are doctors trying to help you DIE from chronic pain that can be easily eased by natural means?  Before your next visit, prepare to ask your doctor this question: Are you a healer or a dealer?  Control over this problem begins with patients REFUSING opioids and DEMANDING natural alternative care.  SPEAK UP!!!  You’re going to have to do this yourself because no doctor gives a hoot about anything but income.  Don’t end up being  a cash cow.

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