Medical Fascism: Vaccine Pushers also Believe the Government Can FORCE you to Undergo Chemotherapy

Medical fascism is on the rise in America as left-wing medical tyrants push mandatory vaccines and mandatory chemotherapy on the masses, even while they are screaming that the government should “get your hands off my body” when it comes to abortions.

According to the twisted, deranged philosophy of Leftists, it’s okay to murder a child that has just been born (infanticide), meaning they assign zero value to a human life. By the same psychopathic thinking, Leftists also believe government can force any human being at gunpoint to be injected with extremely toxic substances that kill living cells and cause permanent damage to the heart, kidneys and brain (chemotherapy agents are derived from the chemical weapons of World War I).

We have now entered an era of sheer insanity pushed by the zombified Left, where they believe it’s okay to murder human babies, physically maim their own children in the name of “transgenderism,” and force risky medical interventions on people without their consent. This is medical fascism run amok, and it’s being pushed by radical left-wing Democrats like Calif. state senator Richard Pan, also known as “the Vaccine Joker.”

Your ownership over your own body is now being overrun by medical fascists and left-wing lunatics who value no life at all.

The article above is written by and courtesy of  Mike Adams of NaturalNews.  The link to this original article can be clicked to here.

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