Is Sugar An Addictive ‘DRUG’?

When we are born, it is innate within us to desire pleasure.  Some of the pleasure seeking behaviors unfortunately result in addictions of many  kinds.  The addiction I’m speaking of here is SUGAR!  You love it!  Your crave it!  You can’t stop it!  You even use this deadly weapon on your body to celebrate all kinds of occasions!  So, how do you stop?

Ending sugar addiction takes stamina, courage, strong willpower, and maybe even the help of an addictions coach. It begins with educating yourself with the lethal aspects of sugar why it gives you so much pleasure.  Not everything that pleases you is good for you.  Since we are made in the image of God and are His Holy Temple, we need to figure this out.

We are created different from animals because we can reason.  This is why God Himself made humans above animals and told us to care for them properly and humanely.  You offer a sugar filled cookie to a dog and he will gobble it up without a thought, because his pleasure center fuels him.  Unfortunately, he only goes by his pleasure center because he is unable to reason it out by doing the research and weighing the good with the bad.

I’ve noted below, a few signs that you are addicted to sugar.  Actually, if you consumer sugar, in any form, and refuse to stop using it, you are addicted!

  1. You want to eat or snack throughout the day: You may be addicted to sugar if you feel the need to snack all the time, even when you are not actually hungry. Don’t eat carbohydrate-rich, sugary foods at all.  Make better choices with organic high protein snacks that do NOT contain sugar.  Stevia is the best organic and natural sweetener for you.
  2. You eat plenty of fruits or drink a lot of juice: You may think that eating lots of fruits or drinking fruit juices is healthy, but remember, many fruits are also high in fructose, which is essential a form of sugar. If you often crave sweet fruits, you may be addicted to sugar.  Consume no more than 2 fruits a day such as an organic apple or applesauce (without added sugar) and perhaps a thin slice of organic cantaloupe.
  3. You crave coffee and alcoholic drinks: Coffee and alcoholic drinks often contain sweeteners and mixers that greatly contribute to sugar intake. Moreover, many people who quit drinking coffee or alcohol tend to crave other sugary foods or drinks. To fix this, don’t ever consume sugar or artificial sweeteners in your coffee; use organic Stevia instead.  As far as alcohol goes, quit drinking it… it will pickle your liver and kill you slowly.  Alcohol turns into lethal sugar in your body.  If you’re diabetic, alcohol is something you MUST stay away from.
  4. You’re always stressed: Being chronically stressed increases your levels of cortisol, which promotes hunger and sugar cravings. Eating sugar can also increase cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to adrenal fatigue, which can further trigger sugar cravings and addiction. Relieve stress by other means such as picking up your Bible and actually reading it. NEVER use yoga or other new – age activities as that is classified by God as witchcraft.  There is NO such thing as Christian yoga, as some have been so strongly deceived to think there is.
  5. You crave sweets during or after meals: You are most likely addicted to sugar if you always think of eating something sweet during or right after a meal. Craving sugar during or after meals can also be a symptom of adrenal fatigue and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Get tested for adrenal fatigue or SIBO to address this problem and quit sugar.
  6. When you’re hungry, you want to eat immediately: If this sounds like you, you could be suffering from hypoglycemia, which occurs when blood sugar declines to below-normal levels. This condition makes you crave sugary foods. To prevent this from happening, quit the processed carbs and get enough quality organic protein every 2-3 hours during your day.  The protein keeps your glucose levels in your body within healthy normal limits.
  7. You crave carbs early in the morning or late at night: Eating a breakfast high in carbs can put you in the vicious cycle of spikes and drops in blood sugar levels throughout the day. Carbohydrates are metabolized as sugar once they reach the bloodstream. They spike blood sugar levels, which then drops shortly after. This “blood sugar roller coaster” can make you hungry more often and can intensify your sugar cravings. To solve this, eat a protein-rich breakfast that is composed of organic foods.
  8. Your sugar craving intensifies when you try to give it up: You may have tried to give up sugar, and when you did, your sugar cravings just became more intense and frequent. This is called ‘withdrawal’ and is common to all addictions.  It’s a big different with each addiction; however, it’s still called withdrawal.  If this is the case, ask your health care provider if it is okay for you to follow a Paleo diet. Please remember to push this question to your doctor because they are just waiting to prescribe nasty pills for everything and anything.  A Paleo diet, or modified Paleo diet, helps your body to naturally balance sugar levels by providing a healthy macronutrient ratio and focusing on low-glycemic carbs. This helps maintain steady blood sugar control throughout the day.

Sugar addiction harms your health in many ways. It can increase your risk of many health conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes Type II, cancer, fatty liver, depression anxiety and much more. It can also be detrimental to your skin, kidneys, and teeth.

Thank you for reading!  Now, please implement sound judgement and open your garbage can right now and feed it all the sugar and sugary foods you have in your home.  If it’s not in your house, you can’t eat it. Get help with an addictions coach, nutritionist or other appropriate professional to help you kick this habit.

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