Graphic Images Of “Flesh Rotting” Cocaine Cut With Cow De-Wormer Will Put You Off Drugs For Life

WarningThis article contains graphic medical imagery.

If the idea of heart problems, sweat-dripping anxiety, and environmental vandalism wasn’t enough to put you off cocaine, then take a look at this medical case report.

Published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases back in 2016, doctors in the Colombian city of Medellín detailed 11 cases of people whose skin turned a deathly deep purple and began to die as a result of abusing cocaine cut with cattle de-wormer.

All of the patients’ ears had necrosis, where the tissue turns black and dies due to irreversible damage to cells. One of the patients even had necrosis occur on his penis. Another common symptom was retiform purpura across their body and face, where the skin turns a deep purple due to the rupturing of blood vessels. A number of them also had the condition cytopenia, a lower than a normal number of mature blood cells.

Remarkably, all of these lesions managed to be resolved after the patients received medical treatment, including steroid medication, and kicked their cocaine habitat.



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