No Need to Fear the Coronavirus at all, “IF”…….

Although I try to present to you an array of articles about the current pandemic scare due to the coronavirus, the truth is somewhere threaded into the tapestry of opinions, illusions, and delusions.

As I do my research, I would ask you to view the video here on this page. It is the most balanced presentation that will answer your questions – without fear.

This doctor presents practical, natural solutions that will build up your immunity so that you won’t get the virus, or, if you do, it will be very mild and will leave quickly. Of course, when we talk about anything natural, Big Pharma insists that we give you a disclosure that states that this information has not be proven. Well, if Big Pharma works so hard on insisting on natural medicine disclosures, I would look into the natural options. They are simple, inexpensive and work! After all, Big Pharma needs to keep stealing billions of dollars from your fear.

Oh yes, one more BIG thing. Dust off your Bible, receive and follow Yahshua (Jesus) our Messiah, and read Psalm 91. It’s a guarantee of protection.