Italy Puts Entire Country on Coronavirus Lockdown

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expanded emergency anti-coronavirus restrictions to the entire country Monday.

Conte said that a new government decree, which goes into effect Tuesday, will require all people in Italy to demonstrate a need to work, health conditions or other limited reasons to travel outside the areas where they live. All 60 million residents are otherwise advised to stay home.

“There won’t be just a red zone,″ Conte told reporters referring to a lockdown of areas in northern Italy instituted over the weekend.

“There will be Italy” as a protected area, he said.

Conte also announced a ban on all outdoor and indoor gatherings in public spaces. The crackdown will also expand to bars, cafes and restaurants which will be closed ordered to close at dusk.

“This night life…we can’t allow this anymore,” Conte said, referencing young people who have gathered to party at night.

The restrictions will be in effect until April 3, Conte said.

All Italian schools are also to remain closed until April 3.

As of Monday, Italy had 9,172 coronavirus cases and 463 deaths.

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