About This Blog

Within the pages of this blog, you can expect to find natural and healthier alternatives, even and especially in the world of addiction and addiction recovery. For the most part, ‘modern medicine’ has completely failed us. In fact, doctors and medical treatments are the #3 cause of deaths here in the US (as per latest stats in 2019). Too much of what is offered by the conventional medical and psychiatric communities can shorten your life and increase suffering due to toxic medication side effects. All this due to greed!!!!!!!

Professionally speaking, I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I’m a retired nurse who navigates people through a Biblical addiction recovery program online and at no charge at all. I have done this since 2011.

My ongoing research is outside the confines of the traditional medical ‘box’. I’m a person who never stops learning by digging really deep and questioning everything until I find the absolute truth. Now, it’s up to you to do your own due diligence in order to prove me right or wrong. Most of you will read and walk away; however, for those of you who choose to think about the information presented here, the quality of your life could greatly improve.

I was once a victim of the insane world of conventional medicine and their treatments; however, my God showed me that there is another way His way. After having been through 3 near death experiences, including a massive opioid overdose back in 2008, I began questioning doctors and listening to what God had to say in the Bible. The results have been living life in the victory of great health.

Among many other protocols that I have set up for myself and my family, we have been living our lives free of dangerous and addictive medications, free of mind altering substances, free of foods containing gmo’s, pesticides, and dangerous carbs, free of sugar and sugar substitutes, free of all processed foods, and and free of toxic vaccines. We took back control over our lives, which has produced amazing health results! We give Yahweh God, the God of the Holy Scriptures, all the glory for teaching my family how to do this and for holding us in His Might Hands.

So, my hope is that I can help you sort things out by filtering your world… one health topic at a time.

“Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeeed.”

John 8:36

***ALWAYS, talk to your health provider BEFORE making changes in your health routine.***