September is National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month – now in its 31st year – During the month of September, we especially recognize the millions of Americans in treatment for substance misuse, as well as recovery service providers. It also encourages those struggling with substance misuse to seek professional help. Let us never forget to remember those who lost their lives to addiction.

4 thoughts on “September is National Recovery Month

  1. Just know that I’ve added you to our prayer list and will be praying for all of you going forward. I’m here whenever you’re ready for her story, or you want to talk. Your granddaughter is blessed to have you. Unfortunately, this situation is all too common these days. My heart breaks every hour on the hour. We all must hold each other up. ❤

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  2. Thank you for the consolidations – this all happened (oh) about four years ago now.
    We’ve been raising our granddaughter (now five) ever since cause father dearest… well he was a piece of work.

    Maybe I’ll tell the story sometime – just not today. It still brings tears to my wifes eyes.

    Thanks again for the consolidations, it means a lot to me.


  3. My daughter made it two months past her 25th year before she passed on.
    One minute she was living her life – the next… she was gone.


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