The Addiction Community Has It All Upside Down, Inside Out, & Backwards. What They Are Doing Isn’t Working!

In life, we would think that when something doesn’t work and people continue to die in ever increasing numbers, they would stop, drop and think about why. Do they? NO! Why? It’s because greed has taken over. The days of listening to Dr Phil’s opinions about addiction are OVER!

So, below are a few questions.

Why is Substance Abuse called ‘Abuse’? It’s simply a (lethal) coping mechanism that people get entrapped in once they start. They need help getting out.

Treatment Medications… Why are they medicating people in addiction with other addictive substances in order to help their addiction? Ever think about that?

Why do we call people in addiction as ‘abusers’? They are just trying to cope with their broken hearts. All they need is God, love, to learn to talk it out, and direction.

Why is the addiction community basing treatments on a ‘theory’ that has not been prove. In fact, it has now been disproven. Where’s the change?

Why are the most successful ‘treatments’ being ignored? I’m speaking about the most successful treatment being Bible based non-clinical programs.

Why is a stigma attached to people in addiction? My goodness! They are having a hard enough time with life! Love them… stop stigmatizing them.

Why is it so easy to get grants for 12 step programs and so difficult for Biblical ones? Biblical ones work! At least ours does! I guess the money mongers just don’t want anything interfering in their financial bounty!

So, if you are in an addiction or suffering from the need to keep going through recovery again and again, don’t let them throw you down Alice’s rabbit hole.