I Will NEVER Stop! It’s Our ONLY HOPE!

There are two #1 spots held on my daily priority list. Each day that God blesses me with, are all for Him and His glory.

So, here is what my daily priority list looks like (at least the #1 spot)

Priority One: I will NEVER stop helping people who are addicted and who need recovery. This was because of how He took me from death from a massive overdose in 2008, to an addiction free glorious life.

My Other Priority One: I will NEVER stop telling people about our precious Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus the Messiah, who selflessly allowed Himself to be crucified and to die – for every single one of us – so that we can be forgiven of our sins here and live with Him forever and ever in Glory.

Please watch the video below. You won’t be sorry you did! Loving Jesus is not a religion. It’s a private and personal relationship with Him. His love and redemption is open to all – no matter if you are a Jew or Gentile. If you are a human, He’s waiting for you.

HOPE is not a feeling… it’s a person. His original given name is a Hebrew name, of course, and it’s Yahshua. You may know Him as Jesus.