FREE Family Support Groups Online for Christian Families Struggling with a Loved One’s Addiction

We are here for you! As an outreach of, we are branching out and starting family support groups for those Christian families who need support due to a loved one’s addiction. We understand what a painful, nightmarish, and frustrating time you are having and we can’t sit by and do nothing. We work with the families of our participants; however, now, we’re reaching out to all families. Groups are FREE to join and take part in. As the body of Christ, we rejoice together and we hurt together. So, we want to help you. Please CLICK HERE to register for family support. You can also contact us through the form below.

Let us vow to NEVER allow addiction to speak and destroy our loved ones, marriages, and families! If we do, we allowing it to win. It doesn’t get to win! We have to work hard to find the person inside in order to begin the road back.