Amidst the Mayhem, Please Take a Breath and Watch This

It’s time to return to God… the God of all creation… whose Son, Jesus the Messiah, died for you and your sins. Remember that He died for our sins, not so that we can continue to sin, but that we can overcome sin by His Blood. He made a way for us to receive Him, and who He Is, so that when we sin, we come to Him. We show Him our love, strength, and allegiance to Him, by NEVER ever doing that sin again. Jesus’ death did not, does not, and will never mean that sin is okay. Jesus’ death did not, does not, and will never mean that we can sin and be ‘automatically’ forgiven because of His shed blood. Jesus’s death and His grace did not, does not, and will never mean that we just say a ‘simple prayer’ and it’s over and done so that we can continue on in sin.

Don’t bite the lies of the ‘6 flags over Jesus’ churches that are a mockery to God. It has never been the church’s place or purpose to serve popcorn, have a ‘naked cowboy’ to entertain, have female dancers that hardly have any clothes on, and to have some ‘smiley’, get rich on the Gospel guy, in the pulpit doing his everything is wonderful sermon. Remember, when you give smiley your money, he get more mansions and cars and takes more vacays, while you get poorer.

The Christian life is a difficult one. It means standing up for righteousness, the righteousness of God, no matter what the cost… even to our death. Know this… when Satan couldn’t become part of the church, so he infiltrated the church pretending to be one of us.

If you pray anything tonight, please include a prayer that are able to see God’s will and purpose for our lives with HIS filters – not man’s.

May God bless you all and show you HIS ways! HIS ways are truth.

Another great and inspirational video today is below. Be blessed by it!

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