Top 7 Ways to Die from “COVID” Without Even Catching the Virus

Who would have thought it’s more dangerous to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) than to actually catch the virus? Who would have thought that it’s more dangerous to take the medications the hospitals recommend for COVID-19 than to just let your immune system naturally beat the virus?

Some folks are doubting that COVID-19 is even a real virus, since independent scientists can’t even seem to isolate SARS-CoV-2 in a laboratory. Maybe it’s all been a scam to get people medicated, vaccinated, and six feet under from all things COVID-related, when COVID-19 doesn’t even really exist.

We’ve all seen crazier things happen, thanks to Big Pharma in America. Let’s take a look at what’s really wiping out millions (if not soon billions) of humans across the globe, other than the lab-made Chinese Flu.

Check out the top seven ways to die from COVID without ever catching the virus:

You get a clot shot and have a heart attack or stroke.

Your business goes bankrupt from “pandemic” restrictions (and inflation) and you commit suicide due to overwhelming depression.

Your mask reduces your oxygen and nutrient supply to vital organs, thus compromising your immune system function, so you get sick from something else (that otherwise wouldn’t have killed you) and you die.

You test positive for COVID-19 on a PCR test, even though it’s a false-positive, and you go to the hospital for treatment and die from kidney failure from deadly prescription drug remdesivir.

You have some other respiratory infection (not COVID-19) and the hospital doctors put you on a respirator (ventilator) and you choke to death within four days (like 75 percent of people put on them).

You die from anything else and the doctors/hospitals label it “COVID” death because they get bonus money for that from the Biden regime and Big Pharma.

You get in a head-on automobile wreck and die because someone else got a clot shot and then passed out or died at the wheel while driving toward you (called a vaccident).

“Died with COVID” is the epitaph for millions of people, even though the PCR tests result in false-positives 97 percent of the time

Did hundreds of millions of people really die from, with or from everything but COVID-19, while still being labeled as “Died with COVID?” If 97 percent of the PCR tests say you have COVID when you don’t, then 97 of every 100 people who either “died with COVID” or “died by COVID” didn’t really have COVID at all. So then, what did they die from, and why?

Do the “vaccines” exacerbate cancer and cancer tumors? Yes. Do the “vaccines” cause blood clots, that in turn cause myocarditis, irregular heart beats, heart attacks and strokes? Yes. That’s why pacemaker sales have skyrocketed. Even healthy athletes, pilots and military members are dropping dead for “unidentified” reasons after getting the deadly clot shots from Big Pharma.

The ventilators cause severe inflammation in the lungs and breathing channels when any respiratory infections already inflames those vital regions, and that’s why nearly anyone put on a ventilator or respirator DIES within four days from that machinery, not from the actual infection itself. How ironic that you go to the hospital to save you but that’s the choice that kills you.

What about getting prescribed a medication for “COVID” that causes your kidneys to fail? Yes, Big Pharma already knows this from the clinical trials, but still, doctors push remdesivir on “COVID” patients instead of using natural remedies proven to work against virus infections.

Source: @NaturalNewsMedia on Telegram

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