Bullied Teen Commits Suicide Over Jab Status, Parents File Lawsuit Against The Chicago School

His father found him hanging from the shower head inside of their home “with a cord wrapped around his neck as a noose.”

CHICAGO, IL – The parents of a 15-year-old boy who reportedly committed suicide after incessant bullying over his perceived COVID shot status have filed suit against the school over administrators allegedly not taking appropriate action to address the bullying.

Last fall, 15-year-old Nate Bronstein had enrolled in what CBS News described as “one of the most prestigious private schools in Chicago,” that school being Latin School of Chicago. However, on January 13th, Nate’s father found his young boy hanging from the showerhead inside of their home “with a cord wrapped around his neck as a noose.”

And according to a lawsuit filed by Nate’s parents, his suicide was the result of relentless bullying coming from his fellow classmates at Latin School of Chicago – with the school having not properly addressed the severity of the bullying.

“[Nate’s] suicide followed the willful failure by teachers and officials at Latin to take any action to remedy the horrific treatment that [Nate] had endured prior to his death despite being aware and/or having every reason to be aware of what he was enduring through numerous complaints by both [Nate] and his mother, Mrs. Bronstein, to Latin administrators including, but not limited to counselor Anneliese Kranz, Upper School Counselor Jane Knoche, 9th and 10th Grade Dean of Students Bridget Hennessy, and teacher Adriana Durant.”

Nate’s troubles with being bullied began around September of 2021 when a fellow student – who was apparently his neighbor as well – began “spreading rumors around Latin that [Nate] was unvaccinated.”

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This vicious rumor started by Nate’s neighbor was so prevalent that, “The last time [Nate] was inside the M.S.’s home, M.S.’s mother, told [Nate] ‘it must suck to have to take a Covid test every week’ to which [Nate] replied, ‘I’m vaccinated.’ Mrs. Solovy sarcastically replied, ‘Yeah right.’”

According to the lawsuit, Nate had indeed taken the COVID shot, but peers at his school continued to harass him, with random students on multiple occasions approaching Nate to ask “if his parents were ‘anti-vaxxers.’”

Nate’s mother had contacted Latin School in October after having learned her son had ditched class to avoid being bullied by his peers, asking what could be done to remedy the matter.

One of the school counselors, Anneliese Kranz, responded to Mrs. Bronstein’s email “but did not specifically address Mrs. Bronstein’s concerns that [Nate] was experiencing bullying at the hands of fellow Latin students.” Rather, Kranz’s email response read, “It seems like [Nate] is really struggling with the transition to Latin and is really missing Parker,” and suggested that they meet later in the week to discuss Nate’s transition to the school.

During this October 14th meeting, school counselors simply suggested that Nate try out for the basketball team in order to make some friends. Yet, the bullying persisted.

In an October 20th email from Kranz to Nate’s mother, she admitted to being aware of issues impacting Nate and suggested “looking into a therapist” for him while also brushing off the bullying by fellow students as being “a family issue.”

But it wasn’t just students who belittled Nate, as the lawsuit alleges that his geometry teacher Andrew Sanchez “relentlessly accosted [Nate] in front of the entire class,” and had proclaimed in front of other students that Nate “was going nowhere in life.”

Nate was apparently enduring a copious amount of cyberbullying throughout the months of November and December – a matter which the parents of the late teen were unaware of until it was too late. Nate had apparently sought a meeting on December 13th with the dean of students to report the extensive cyberbullying.

Some of the cyberbullying included text message threads and Snapchat posts urging Nate to commit suicide, while others could be construed as indirect death threats.

Apparently, the dean of students entertained this meeting, but did not dole out any discipline against Nate’s fellow students, nor did they inform Nate’s parents of this meeting being requested and taking place.

Exactly one month later would be when Nate’s father would find his son suspended from the showerhead. Nate’s mother alleged that “Our son would still be alive today if Latin would have done their job and reported to us what had gone on within the school.”

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