Why Am I Here?


Since 2008, I have devoted my life to a few related purposes that God has given me. One of those purposes has been to expose the medical profession for the heinous acts against humanity that they have succeeded to accomplish. It’s not all, but it is definitely a majority. As a retired nurse, I saw far too much! I’m haunted to this day.

So, in my own way, I’m here to tell the truth about addiction, health and life.


Addiction is NOT a disease. The medical professionals engaged in the lucrative field of addiction know that it’s not an incurable ‘disease’, but they choose to perpetuate a lie so that they can continue making the HUGE amounts of money that they all do. As such, many lives remain hopeless, and all too many continue to die in their addictions. My biggest purpose here is to lead people out of addiction and on to a new life. I do it all FREE and very successfully.


Healthcare is another sinister plot against humanity. If people aren’t sick, doctors and hospitals don’t earn money. In collusion with Big Pharma, treatments and medications either perpetuate disease and/or cause other diseases. So, the ‘merchandise’ is kept ‘fully stocked’. Once again, there are still wonderful and caring doctors; however, you have to find them.


Life is not just here on earth. God says we are just a vapor. He also says in Scripture that He put eternity in our hearts the moment we were conceived. The truth is that there is an eternity waiting for each and every one of us – Heaven or Hell. You get to choose which one by who you and what you decide to serve. The deception is greater today than ever with new age practices and more that have permeated society. As for me, I chose to serve Jesus Christ and I’m on my journey home to Heaven. You have to make that choice for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you keep coming back.

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